If you love Disney, have ever been to Disneyland, or are simply just the smallest Mickey Mouse fan, then you need to see the GIGANTIC Disney cruise ship that arrived in Dublin this morning. GAH.

Carrying nearly 4,000 people, the Disney Magic Cruiseliner stopped in Dublin at 5.30am as it's making its way from Port Canaveral in Florida to Dover in the UK.

The ship is absolutely massive. Huge. It has 11 decks on board and is 300m long, making it the perfect size to comfortably enter and turn around in the River Liffey.

Passengers on the cruise were given Cruise Dublin Visitor passes this morning so they could enjoy the city before departing at 5.30pm this evening.

They were also greeted by what Dublin Port described as a "Game of Thrones inspired entertainment spectacle."

Images: Conor McCabe