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Disney is currently having a love affair with rebooting their classic films into live-action remakes. 

We've had Beauty and the Beast and The Jungle Book so far, but another classic is in the pipeline to be remade – Lady and the Tramp. 

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The classic love story, which featured a pampered pooch and an unruly mongrel who unexpectedly fall for one another, is one of Disney's most beloved tales. 

According to Deadline, the live-action/CGI adaption won't be hitting cinemas. 

Instead, it will be brought straight to DisneyLife, Disney's streaming service. 


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 It's expected to debut in 2019, so we still have a little while to wait for it.

The Lego Ninjago Movie director Charlie Bean has been chosen to direct the reboot. 

We're ready to throw it back to 1995. 


Okay, so when I was asked to review DisneyLife, Disney's new streaming service – I was a tad nervous.

Nervous, why nervous, I hear you ask? 

Well, because my expectations were sky high, and I was a little worried my sweet friends at Disney would disappoint.

Spoiler alert: they did not. 

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Anyway, last weekend, I cleared my not-so busy schedule, and dedicated a full Saturday to the true DisneyLife experience. 

The weather was shitty and grey, so I closed the curtains, wrapped up with a mug of tea, and let the magic unfold. 

First point of information – signing up is SUPER easy, which is a blessing for impatient humans like myself. 

Fill in all your details (name, card number etc), select your adorable character, Minnie Mouse thank you very much, and away you go. 

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Also, let's talk about the price for a little moment – DisneyLife is only €6.99 a month (cheaper than other streaming services – sorry Netflix), so its a no-brainer.

Next, there were the COUNTLESS choices, I hardly knew where to begin! 

Do I go old school and watch The Little Mermaid, or do I embrace the modern world of Disney, and watch Frozen for the 87th time? That's when I realised that the fun doesn't stop at animation, as I scrolled through I saw that SISTER ACT was an option. 


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There were so many amazing movies to choose from, which leads me to the discussion of my favourite DisneyLife feature – the offline mode. 

I travel quite a bit, and tend not to love the movies shown on planes, but that is no longer an issue for me! DisneyLife allows you to download movies and shows while in Internet, and then you can watch them forever – No wi-fi? No problem. 

All-in-all, I reckon there are a number of days in my future where I will be snuggled up in bed, binge watching Disney movies. 

DisneyLife is class. End of. 

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Today is a seriously exciting day as DisneyLife launches on our side of the pond.

Bringing to life nearly a century of Disney storytelling, digital entertainment service DisneyLife is now available in Ireland at www.DisneyLife.com, the App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore, offering Disney’s largest collection of entertainment in one place. 

And ladies, it only costs €6.99 a month.
DisneyLife draws on family-favourite stories and characters from almost a century of magical Disney storytelling, from classic animations like The Lion King to Pixar classics including Finding Nemo, and live action blockbusters such as the Pirates of the Caribbean films.
Families can now enjoy Disney wherever they are, whenever they want: enjoy Frozen on a cosy family movie night; waltz around the house to the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack; watch Tangled’s Rapunzel escape from her tower in the airport departure lounge or sing along with Moana in the car. 

The list is ENDLESS.

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You can also catch your favourite TV shows on the big screen from the comfort of your sofa with live streaming of Disney Channel, Disney XD and Disney Junior.  Oh, and content is never deleted, so you can rely on your favourites always being available on DisneyLife. 

An easy-to-use app designed for all ages, DisneyLife allows fans to explore Disney stories and characters through a rich and colourful interface unlike any other. Stream instantly or temporarily download an ever expanding digital library of hundreds of movies and books, as well as thousands of songs and TV episodes (through an internet connection in Ireland).

Dive deeper into special extras like Disney and Pixar Shorts, deleted scenes and behind-the-scenes featurettes. Movies, books and kids TV series are available in up to five languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Commenting on the launch, Chiara Cipriani, general manager, DisneyLife EMEA, said:

“DisneyLife offers the chance to discover Disney in a way you have never been able to before. Placing characters and stories at the centre, we have opened the gates to the Castle and created this service with families and fans in mind, allowing them to explore Disney all in one place. Building on our UK launch at the end of 2015, we are delighted that DisneyLife Ireland is making Disney entertainment available to Irish fans in new ways.” 

For one monthly fee, up to six members of the family can create their own individual profile across 10 different devices, using their favourite iconic Disney character. The new service also includes built-in controls so that parents can set time limits on their children’s profiles for weekday and weekend use.

 What exactly does it all entail, I hear you ask?

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The home to over 400 movies, DisneyLife is the perfect companion for family movie nights, offering an unparalleled selection of Disney animations – including Frozen, Tangled, Big Hero 6, The Jungle Book and Sleeping Beauty, live action movies such as Mary Poppins, Alice in Wonderland and Enchanted; as well as Pixar favourites including Toy Story and its two sequels, Monsters, Inc., Cars, WALL-E and more.


Turn the school run into the ultimate Disney sing-a-long and choose from over 7,000 tracks on DisneyLife. Bestselling soundtracks featured include Descendants, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Frozen, Beauty and the Beast and High School Musical; as well as hit albums from stars like Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, R5 and Hillary Duff.

Kids’ TV Box sets

Catch-up on your favourite Disney Channels TV box sets, with over 5,000 episodes available in one place: from Sofia the First, the story of an adventurous princess in training; to Doc McStuffins, who fixes broken toys in her playhouse clinic; Henry Hugglemonster, the spirited five-year-old middle child in a family of monsters, as well as The Lion Guard and global hit Jessie.


Enjoy Disney’s magical storytelling with over 250 enchanting stories at launch. Available as audio and ebooks, there is a built-in read-along function for younger children, staged reading for kids of different ages, and reading adventures for more experienced readers. Perfect for bedtime stories with mum and dad, the whole family can follow their favourite characters from Frozen, Winnie the Pooh, Monsters, Inc. and Cars on new adventures.




Disney fans everywhere are jumping for joy today as the mega movie giant has announced that it is launching its very own digital subscription service, similar to Netflix.

The service will give you instant access to THOUSANDS of Disney Channel shows, hundreds of Disney and Pixar movies, like ​Toy Story, Snow White, ​and ​The Jungle Book, ​and loads of other Disney books and albums. 

DisneyLife (very appropriately named, because Disney is, in fact, life) will hit the UK next month and Ireland in 2016. It'll cost about €15 for a subscription which, we think, is a small price for unlimited hours of pure joy.