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They have been posting about their blossoming relationship on social media since they went public with their romance in December.

And it's clear to anyone that Strictly's Joe Sugg and Dianne Buswell are madly in love.

However, while their PDA's are cute, it seems that their co-stars on the Strictly live tour are not big fans of the public smooching.


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It ahs been reported that their fellow dancers are tired of their kissing and cuddling during rehearsals, which has apparently led to a series of rows.

Things came to  ahead which Joe and Dianne deciding to go to a nearby five-star hotel Titanic, instead of staying at the heading to the Hilton Hotel in Liverpool where the other Strictly stars are staying. 

It was reported that, ''It’s caused some ill feeling between them and the others and it can’t be laughed off as a joke anymore…it seems like Joe and Dianne are giving everyone the fingers by doing their own thing.''


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Joe has uploaded a sweet snap of him and Dianne to Instagram in their hotel room at the Titanic.

He captioned it, ''Making memories with this girl (But also making cool self-timer photos as a little side project).''

Dianne also posted a snap of her in the same hotel room, thanking Joe for organising a day off for them.

With the tour still going until February 10 we wonder how this will pan out until then…watch this space. 


This years Strictly Come Dancing had so much romance in the air – and now former contestant Vick Hope has spilled the beans on what went on behind the scenes.

The radio DJ, who as partnered with pro dancer Graziano di Prima, opened up to Hello! magazine about how she spotted certain relationships blossoming on the BBC show.

She also spoke about how her and her classmates had formed a strong bond since the finale in December. 


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The show saw two relationships flourish during the competition and they were celebrities Joe Sugg and Ashley Roberts and pro dancers Dianne Buswell and Giovanni Pernice. 

When it came to Joe and Dianne, their chemistry was apparent.

Vick said, ''To be honest, we sort of saw it coming! But of course nobody was going to say anything. But yes it's so sweet and so cute, I love how dancing brings them together and then some!"

Sooo adorbs. 

She continued, ''When we were doing the show, everyone was so professional and it was all about the dancing and the competition, and everyone was really focused. They would not let any relationship get in the way of that and they kept that separate. And it is only now that the show has finished that they are showing it a bit more."

Strictly might be finished for another year but the 29-year-old has another project to keep her busy. 

She has been narrating E4's new series of Shipwrecked and is loving it. 

She said, ''It was the kind of show I wanted to be on because they got to travel and meet people and spend time on this beautiful island. The producers would send me edits of each episode, and I would run myself a bath and have a glass of red, and properly enjoy it as if I was watching it so I could get a feel for them, and for the art of it and the narrative.''


The Strictly lovebirds are looking forward to being reunited in the New Year.

It seems that the dancing duo are missing one another, as they spent Christmas apart.

However, they won't have to wait much longer to be reunited, if Dianne's Instagram is anything to go by.


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The Strictly babe uploaded a throwback pic to the Strictly finals.

Dianne simply captioned the snap: "soon", which could mean they will be ringing in the New Year together – ADORABLE.

Earlier this week, Dianne opened up about Joe and their relationship for the first time – and it's so mushy but amazing.


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After departing for Australia to spend the festive period with her family, the Strictly dancer shared a MEGA cute picture of the couple. 

The caption of the picture read: "When I was sat on Santa Suggs lap he asked me what I wanted for Christmas? My response was (apart from a tamagotchi ) I have everything that makes me happy already." 

"I honestly feel so so lucky I’m in Australia with the best family a girl could wish for …and I have a very special somebody waiting for me when I return to the UK," she added.

Anyone else feeling single AF right now? Just me?

Nah, but honestly, we couldn't be happier for the pair and they're just so cute together.


Over the last couple of weeks, rumours around Joe and Dianne being a couple were swirling.

The looks of love were hard to hide between the dancing duo, and the public LOVED the idea of them being together.  

Although they didn't claim the top spot – they did take most of the attention after the Strictly final.

Somewhat overshadowing the winners, Stacey Dooley and Kevin Clifton was confirmation that Joe and Dianne were, in fact, a couple.

To the nation's delight, our underdog hadn't walked away from the competition empty-handed.

He mightn't have claimed the trophy but Joe did find love.

But could he have waited at least a week to give everyone the much-needed nod that they had fallen for each other? – Yes.


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It would have given Stacey her time to truly shine and full attention would have remained on her.

Don't get me wrong, I am delighted that Joe and Dianne are a couple.

They look so natural around each other that it was almost expected by 90 percent of the audience.

Just the timing of the announcement could have been made public down the line.


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Joe took to Instagram and posted a sweet picture of the pair, confirming their romance.

He adorably wrote: "I may not have won the glitter ball, but I’ve won something a million times more special."

I must admit that he's an actual dote and they're a lovely couple.

Just in hindsight they might regret confirming their news so soon after Stacey's win. 


It is the Strictly semi-finals and this week, the pressure is on the five remaining couples.

And Joe Sugg, after having strong weeks and high scores, came crashing down during the show when both of his dances failed to get the level of praise from the judges that the YouTube star has grown used to.

The 27-year-old took to the dance floor with his pro dance partner Dianne Buswell to do two dances – a Viennese Waltz and an Argentine Tango.


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He received a score of 29 for his first dance, which put him at the bottom of the leader board.

Judge Craig Revel Horwood said, "Way too much rise and fall, it almost became a waltz.''

He continued, ''All the movement I thought was too harsh and it made it look rigid. I don't think its your best ballroom to be honest.''


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Fans were not happy with this critique and insisted that he was under marked while others were not as heavily penalised. 

Others suggested that the way the judges scored the dances was a fix.

One wrote, ''Joe did better than Lauren and Ashley but gets Scored Lower …. I think it might be rigged #strictly."

While another said, ''So far I feel everyone tonight has been way over marked, except Joe who’s defiantly been under marked. #Strictly.''

The Results Show is on BBC One tonight at 7:15pm.  


Our hearts are breaking. 

One Strictly couple, rumoured to be in the throes of a passionate love affair, have poured cold water all over the whispers.

Yes, Joe Sugg and Dianne Buswell have addressed rumours that they are an item. 

While their amazing chemistry is what's been sparking rumours of a romance, it is something that Joe strongly denies. 


The 27-year-old said,  "There's nothing in it – if we were dating everyone would see it.''

He continued, "Rumours like this have gone on throughout the show's history. I understood before signing up that it's something people really get into."

It seems that people speculating about his love life is not something the YouTube vlogger is a big fan of. 

He said, ''Obviously it's a bit weird to be drawn into that stuff for me. It's not nice – it's something you can't control."


‘Street Joe got two 10’s!’  #Strictly

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Dianne was pictured heading to Joe's flat training, which obvs added fuel to the fire.

In a YouTube video that came out later, Joe says, "We're getting the video in early this week, check us out. It's the end of the week and we're already smashing it out. Go team Joanne. As you can see, Dianne and myself. We're in my house."

He joked, "Dianne's around my house, I can't believe it. That can only mean one thing, Dianne's around my house for a YouTube video, it must mean we're going out with each other."

Dianne added, "It must mean that. Hello, boyfriend."

Well, we better not rush out to buy our hats any time soon.

Strictly continues this Saturday on BBC One at 7:05pm. 


Joe Sugg continues to perform well on Strictly Come Dancing, and it’s clear to see where he gets his moves from.

His grandmother Phyllis was a talented ballroom dancer in the 1940s, often frequenting the famous Blackpool Tower Ballroom.

And even though Joe had no prior dance training before his time on Strictly, the dancing gene has shown itself time and time again.


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“I feel like I must have picked up something from my nan because she gave it a go back when she was younger and must have been good at it, having danced in Blackpool,” he told the Press Association.

Joe is close with both of his grandparents and has featured them in his hilarious and relatable Youtube videos.

In this video, his grandad is bustling around the kitchen being noisy af when Joe stops talking and zooms in on his flared nostrils.

"Am I being too noisy?" his grandad asks. And Joe replies, "No, it's fine" in that passive aggressive tone we know all too well.

But like grandparents do, they offered Joe cupcakes and all was forgiven. 

And now, the 27-year-old can't wait for his grandmother to come watch his next dance with partner Dianne Buswell, 


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Travelling over 200 miles from Wiltshire, the 96-year-old is overcoming her chronic hip pain to watch the Youtuber's Blackpool performance.

Joe said, “She doesn’t really move very well. She’s in her chair a lot of the time and she’s got really bad hips but she has agreed that she will come up and watch me.

“She’s been so proud, so supportive of me the whole way. She loves it, especially the ballroom stuff. If I could do a ballroom [dance] in Blackpool that would be really, really nice for her."


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Maybe the Youtuber will chance his arm and perform her beloved ballroom dance.

Either way, we are excited for Joe's next performance with Dianne. They are the perfect pair!