Nicola McLean has spoken out against Kym Marsh’s rumoured relationship with Dan Hooper.

Nicola’s friend, actress Stephanie Waring, was upset when her ex, Dan, was rumoured to be seeing the Coronation St. actress at the weekend.

Now it seems as if Nicola has gotten herself into a war of words over Twitter with Kym!

The two began spatting back and forth with Kym branding Nicole “bitter” until Nicola finally retired and said: “People really need to chill out. I won’t say sorry for having an opinion.”

Kym then proved that she was also over the row and wrote: “Never fails to surprise me what some people do for money. stopped reading crap ages ago. Gonna have a fab day with the fam #riseaboveit.”

However, now it seems that things have taken a more serious turn as Nicola’s most recent tweet reads: “Banter on twitter fine … Lies or statements with no facts i won’t put up with #legal.”

Woah, looks like things are about to get a lot worse in this messy Twitter war!