With more and more restaurant chains facing scrutiny for their continuous single-use plastic habits, one brand has decided to drastically change how they do things for the good of the planet.

Healthy Thai delivery chain Camile has become the first chain in Europe to launch a compostable range of packaging which can go straight into the compost bin without washing.

Camile are moving towards plastic-free single-use products by the end of the year, with 95 percent of their packaging now fully compostable. Absolute heroes, who's next to follow this example?

A more environmentally-friendly, 100 percent compostable solution to takeaway food chains and their use of plastic is imperative at the moment. Climate breakdown is weighing down on us, and corporations and independent businesses alike have to change the way they do things.

Camile are investing 25 percent more on their packing costs to reduce the amount of plastic used, with Brody Sweeney commenting on the brilliant move;

"We believe that by showing leadership in this area, we can encourage other businesses to follow suit, and make the move to compostables…We have a responsibility to take sustainability seriously and take tangible steps to leaving the planet habitable for my grandchildren's children and generations to come."


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We as consumers also have to play our part in eradicating as much single-use plastic as possible. 

Bord Bia's CEO Tara McCarthy applauded the effort, emphasising that Origin Green members are leading positive change in the industry.

Compostable packaging is a more sustainable option than standard paper or single-use products, but they are only an improvement for the environment if they are disposed of correctly. Remember to check which bins are for specific recyclables and waste.

Fair play, Camile. We hope other brands follow suit ASAP.