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We’re always on the hunt for skincare essentials that can become part of our staple collection. However, what we don’t want is to use products that are full of plastic that cause more harm than good. We are trying harder to be eco-friendly so we were delighted when we spotted the Cleanse Off Mitt’s new look.


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The Cleanse Off Mitt has had a makeover- a bright and bubbly hot pink and sleek grey pairing to attract eyeballs and appeal to the demographic that cares about cool. The protective packaging is now reusable to keep your COM clean, no matter where you’re taking it, whether it’s the gym, on holidays or at home.

With Skingredients now in the mix you may be asking where the Cleanse Off Mitt fits in. They’ve added 00 to the packaging because the Cleanse Off Mitt is the official 00 step of your Skingredients Core 4: 01 PreProbiotic Cleanse, 02 Skin Veg, 03 Skin Protein and 04 Skin Shield SPF 50 PA +++.

Beauty lovers have purchased a massive 500,000 Cleanse Off Mitts to date around the world. That’s potentially 45 million wipes that haven’t been used.


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Not only is the COM friendlier to the skin than wipes, it’s friendlier to the planet. The majority of wipes are not recyclable or compostable and end up contributing greatly to landfill, or being flushed and ending up in the ocean.

Even cotton pads aren’t the solution. Most cotton pads are treated and bleached to keep them looking and smelling good, these processes mean that the naturally biodegradable cotton is no longer suitable for composting.

The Cleanse Off Mitt helps to cut down on single-use beauty waste but we know we still have a long way to go.



Listen, when it comes to skincare, we all have the best of intention, but in practice we have a tendency to be kind of lazy.

We've all used makeup wipes (or even baby wipes) to clean our faces before falling into bed from exhaustion – but we should really be more aware of our skin's health.

That is why we are SO excited to introduce you to the Cleanse Off Mitt – created by Jennifer Rock, The Skin Nerd.

What is this mitt, you ask?

Well, you can say goodbye to face wipes forever, because this is a reusable microfibre mitt is your new best friend. 


#NERDNEWS www.theskinnerd.ie is a 'comin as per hundreds of your requests … register now …2017 is shaping up to be an amazing year. Come February 1st I will be self employed and am so unbelievably thankful and grateful to every single human that bought a @cleanseoffmitt or supported me via my Instagram, Facebook and Snap chat mediums… my website will be live next month…. the skinnerd.ie it will be an information station with Skin knowledge from myself and so many people I have recruited as my team of panellists including a pharmacist, doctor, functional medical doctor, acne doctor, nurse , makeup artists ( you'll know them !) Semi permanent makeup artists and so much more ….. the skin is an organ, in my opinion not one angle addresses the problem so my aim is to educate and for us all to learn from one another and empower people to make their own decision. Sooo please feel free to add your name to the list so when we go live you will be amongst the first to delve deep into the nerd brain ! I have so many plans I'm literally bursting but …. without you all watching and supporting it would not be a reality. Whatever may come of it – thank you ALL #skin #skincare #newbeginnings #staytuned #theskinisnanorgan #theskinnerd

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The mitt is one of this year's must-haves (seriously, it sells out constantly), and is perfect for all ages, all skin types and both genders – so really, what's not to love? 

This innovative Irish product is designed to remove makeup and oil from the skin, while also being gentle and respectful to the skin. 

Wipes tend to contain harsh chemical that can often irritate and agitate the skin – but this mitt is chemical and preservative free. 


Doing demos with @theskinnerdire and her fab #cleanseoffmitt! #skincare #skin #launch #instore #theskinnerd

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The best part of this amazing product is the fact that you don't need any cleanser or soap, you simply wet the mitt and remove your makeup – even mascara and stubborn eyeliner. 

As if that wasn't enough, the Cleanse Off Mitt is machine washable, and lasts up to six month depending on the amount of use. 

It is ideal for busy mums who are always on the go – for quick and easy makeup removal at all times. 

The Cleanse Off Mitt is available in pharmacies nationwide, for just €5.95!

We're obsessed with it!