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We’re always on the hunt for skincare essentials that can become part of our staple collection. However, what we don’t want is to use products that are full of plastic that cause more harm than good. We are trying harder to be eco-friendly so we were delighted when we spotted the Cleanse Off Mitt’s new look.


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The Cleanse Off Mitt has had a makeover- a bright and bubbly hot pink and sleek grey pairing to attract eyeballs and appeal to the demographic that cares about cool. The protective packaging is now reusable to keep your COM clean, no matter where you’re taking it, whether it’s the gym, on holidays or at home.

With Skingredients now in the mix you may be asking where the Cleanse Off Mitt fits in. They’ve added 00 to the packaging because the Cleanse Off Mitt is the official 00 step of your Skingredients Core 4: 01 PreProbiotic Cleanse, 02 Skin Veg, 03 Skin Protein and 04 Skin Shield SPF 50 PA +++.

Beauty lovers have purchased a massive 500,000 Cleanse Off Mitts to date around the world. That’s potentially 45 million wipes that haven’t been used.


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Not only is the COM friendlier to the skin than wipes, it’s friendlier to the planet. The majority of wipes are not recyclable or compostable and end up contributing greatly to landfill, or being flushed and ending up in the ocean.

Even cotton pads aren’t the solution. Most cotton pads are treated and bleached to keep them looking and smelling good, these processes mean that the naturally biodegradable cotton is no longer suitable for composting.

The Cleanse Off Mitt helps to cut down on single-use beauty waste but we know we still have a long way to go.


You likely thought you'd be free of breakouts once you left secondary school, but acne can be one stubborn and annoying visitor. 

In fact, according to the National Institute of Health, 80 percent of people between 11 and 30 deal with acne at some point in their lives, and it can commonly crop up into your forties too. 

But with so many products, potions and procedures claiming to clear your skin, it can be hard to know which one actually works; or which one is right for your skin. 

Here, we look at true acne game changers, from ones that are effective temporarily, to the ones that can banish the breakouts for an extended length of time:

Temporarily Effective

DIY remedies

If you're in need of an emergency SOS, a few at-home remedies do really give quick results. 

If you have any eye drops lying around the house, a quick dab can knock down redness before a big event. 

And if that doesn't work you can also mix Aspirin with a few drops of tea tree oil for an over-night mask that will help flatten the inflammation of a big zit. 

Spot treatments that contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid can also work well.


Diet and stress control

Recent studies show that there is an association between dairy and acne since some people are sensitive to the hormones found in dairy products. 

Also a high-starchy diet (white bread, we're looking at you) has been connected to acne due to insulin levels increasing inflammation in the body.

And even though stress doesn't cause acne, studies show that it does aggravate those who are prone to it due to the release of hormones that increase oil production. 


Very Effective

Birth control pills

A lot of adult female acne is connected to hormonal changes that cause an imbalance of estrogen and testosterone levels in the body. 

This usually leads to stubborn breakouts on the lower half of the face, especially right before and during your period. 

If you see this type of breakout happening like clockwork over the next few months, birth control pills will help rebalance hormone levels for a clearer complexion all month long.



Retinoids usually come in a topical cream form and work by penetrating and unclogging the sebaceous (oil) glands where acne starts.

They also have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits that are seen as the standard care for acne patients.

The only catch here is that you need to be patient; retinoids can take up to two to three months to take full effect, but it will be worth it. 


Most Effective

Constant cleansing and skin care

Acne patients are usually (and understandably) impatient and inconsistent with skin care products, but this makes breakouts worse. 

Numerous studies support the consistant use of a twice-a-day gentle cleansing, along with the use of a sunscreen and moisturiser.

You'll be improving your acne by routinely clearing skin of unwanted oil and dirt, improving the skin barrier and reducing irritation. 

However, don't use harsh or over-drying products, keep it simple with gentle formulas that will nuture your skin. 


Chemical peel

Chemical peels work by breaking down the 'glue' between surface skin cells to promote exfoliation and unclogging of block up pores.

In addition to clearing acne, peels have the added benefit of lifting discolouration from scarring. 

Salicylic and glycolic acids are the most effective chemical peel agents to look for since they promote exfoliation and penetrate the oil glands to break down sebum.


If you find your skin is dull or prone to break outs no matter what "wonder products" you use to cleanse and exfoliate, it could be time to start looking at things differently.

After all, what does it matter if you have the best cleanser on the market if you're not using it to its full potential? And who cares what fancy body butter you use if your skin's not able to get the full benefit of the ingredients? 

That's where Clarisonic's sonic cleansing and smart technology come in. Clarisonic devices utilise a patented oscillation movement that moves the brush head back and forth between 200 and 300 times a second.

Celebrity fans of the products include Eva Longoria, Sarah Jessica Parker, Lauren Conrad, Emmy Rossum, Demi Moore and of course, Oprah, who sent sales skyrocketing a few years back when she raved about the first Clarisonic range on her show.

Now, there's a new addition to the Clarisonic family. 

The new Clarisonic Smart Profile allows for a powerful and fully customised cleanse from head to toe at the push of a button, using the skincare products of your choice.

This, coupled with Clarisonic’s fluid forces technique, provides a gentle and effective cleanse, allowing your cleanser and exfoliator to better penetrate the skin. The same rule applies to any products you apply after cleansing, such as face masks or moisturisers. With perfectly cleansed skin, you can finally get the most out of every product you apply.

For the first time, Clarisonic have developed brush heads specifically designed for use on the rest of the body. The Clarisonic Smart Profile Kit includes a Smart Turbo Massage Body Brush Head as well as a Smart Dynamic Facial Brush Head, so you can get a deep cleanse from head to toe.

SHEmazing! headed along to the official launch of the Smart Profile Kit in Dublin's Suesey Street this week, to check out the new brush heads in action, and we loved what we saw:

The kit retails at €249 and is available from all Clarisonic stockists now.