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Irish blogger Chloé Boucher has been granted the coveted title of Best Beauty Influencer by Cosmopolitan magazine.

On Thursday, the Dublin-based makeup artist was presented with the award at the exclusive Cosmopolitan Influencer Awards ceremony at the Kensington Palace Orangery in London.

The talented YouTuber has since taken to Instagram to celebrate the win with her 200,000 followers.

Alongside a post which shows her with the award, Chloé wrote: “Still can’t believe this.  I won the Best Beauty Influencer.”

The vlogger beat stiff competition to claim her title.  Those shortlisted for Best Beauty Influencer included Sophie Meola, Sophie Hannah Richardson, SophieBelle, Brighton Girl Problems, Pretty Ugly, What She Didx, Creepers & Cupcakes, Brogan Tate Xo and Mouldy Fruit.




Irish make-up artist Chloe Boucher is a viral sensation, blonde bombshell and just, well, total beauty goals. 

Knowing she wanted to become a make-up extraordinaire at the age of just 15, she got a degree in beauty from the LA College Of Creative Arts in Dublin, worked her way up with various beauty brands before becoming a total hit on social media. 

So naturally when the Dublin native handed us down the holy grail of her top tips at the OPSH make-up workshop yesterday, we were all ears: 


1) Use concealer to enhance the face 


Forgot to thank @fifiloveslashes for fixing my brows and making me feel human again #browsonfleek #makeup #blonde #bblogger

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"Contouring is out," says the 23-year-old. 

"If you have areas of your face highlighted, your face will start to contour itself." 

Chloe recommends using a liquid concealer that is at least a shade lighter than your foundation colour. Applying this to areas of the face that catch the light (forehead, cheekbones, chin etc) will enhance those areas and naturally contour the face. 

Use a soft powder bronzer on the cheeks and forehead if you would like a more enhanced look. 


2) Use powder to set 

This is especially important to the girls that have oily skin. 

"Oils in your skin mix with the oils in your foundation causing it to come off in blobs.

"That's why I always recommend using some sort of powder to set your cream products."

Chloe uses a light, mineralise powder to set her make-up and recommends it being a shade lighter than your foundation so as not to counter-act your highlighting. 


3) Brush them brows 

"Never put product in your brows without brushing them first.

"Brushing your brows upwards can really lift the face."

When using products, Chloe loves to use powder applied with a precision brush for a soft, natural look but recommends pencils to fill in gaps and brow-gels to set brows for the whole day. 


4) Go with eye-shadow shades that compliment your eyes 

According to Chloe, blue eyes work really well with golden brown tones while green eyes are enhanced by red hues as well as purples. 

"Brown eyes can pretty much wear anything."

She recommends using a brown base for a soft, smokey eye and blending out the shadow with tones that suit your eye shade. 


5) Lining the eye


1/2 1/2

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"Use nude eyeliner on the waterline to make eyes look bigger.

"If you have naturally big eyes you can define them with a black or brown liner."

And she even gave us tips on how to achieve the notoriously difficult winged eyeliner look: "A lot of people do their wings starting from the top, but you want to start at the bottom.

She recommends doing the liner across your lid first and doing the winged part after, starting from the outer corner of your outer eye. 

"Follow your natural eye shape and then just connect-the-dots."


6) Enhance those lips 

"Clean up dark lip colours with concealers for the perfect statement lip."

Chloe swears by lip-liners but reckons you need a little extra help from concealer to get clean, defined lips when applying dark colours. 

To make lips standout and look bigger, she recommends contouring the area by applying a smidge of bronzer just below the lower lip. 


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