We love avocados and we also loved baked. We really love when we can combine two things which we absolutely love and end up with something even more delicious.

There is also the added bonus of knowing that by incorporating avocados into our baked goods, we’re technically being healthy. 

Avocados are the good kind of fat you need, and that makes us happy. So here’s a list of some the best ways to incorporate avocados into your baking routine. Trust us, you won’t even realise you’re eating healthy because these desserts are magical.

Double chocolate avocado cookies 

Try the recipe here

Chocolate avocado mousse 

‘Cheat clean’ as they say. The recipe is here

Red velvet mini cupcakes with honey frosting 

OK, so these may be a little bit tricky, but so delicious you need to try them

Avocado cheesecake 

Cheesecake on fleek

Chocolate biscuit sandwiches 

Everything about this recipe is excellent.