It’s been four years since messaging app Snapchat entered – and in many cases took over – our lives and it seems that’s time enough for the app’s owners to cash in on their success.

According to The Verge, one big change is coming to the app over the next few weeks and we’re not sure it’s one people will be overly pleased with.

Advertisements – which will have sound, be full screen and allow the companies who own them to redirect users towards their sites – will soon begin to play between friends’ stories on the app.

Because the ads will not be made by Snapchat themselves – as any ads which have previously appeared on the app have been – they are expected to look different to what's been seen up to now.

Thankfully the ads will be skippable and are expected to only feature occasionally between stories – rather than annoyingly break up any individual stories you may be watching.

The news comes just a week after the hugely successful app changed the layout of its Discover page.

Since users already watch 8 billion videos per day on the app, we hope the new ads are short – otherwise we’ll never get anything done.