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A sneak peak at Cats, the film adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber and TS Elliot's infamous musical, has dropped and the reactions have been less than positive.

The clip offers us the first footage of the all-star casts in all their feline glory, created using motion capture techniques which director Tom Hooper (The King's Speech) refers to as 'digital fur technology'.

The incredible cast includes Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson, Jason Derulo, Judi Dench, Taylor Swift, James Corden, Ian McEllen, Rebel Wilson and Idris Elba, who all belt our the film's anthems.


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Unfortunately, the first furry glimpses of the upcoming live-action remake have left some viewers unhappy after the feline creatures were described online as 'cursed' and nightmarish.

The transmogrified CGI human-cat hybrids were unveiled last night, with the Universal Pictures film landing in cinemas on December 20 of this year.

Hamilton Tony winner Andy Blankenbuehler choreographs the movie, having worked on the 2016 Broadway revival. Lloyd Webber has also apparently written a new song for the film.

Many viewers found the mutated dancing cats to be troubling to watch. The story revolves around a tribe of cats called the Jellicles, which faces a series of challenging life-altering choices one fateful night.

Fans didn't appreciate beloved actors in CGI feline form, especially the revered cinema veteran Judi Dench:

Many Twitter users wondered why the stars didn't just wear catsuits, like in the stage show. The word 'abomination' was even used…

"A demented dream ballet" is possibly one of the greatest phrases we've heard yet: 

Important questions were raised: 

Conspiracy theories were introduced:

The working world ceased to exist for a moment from the distraction:

Some even wondered if the trailer was so horrifying, it could bestow a curse on all who watched it:

The only positive taken from the whole thing is that Grumpy Cat died just in time to never have to witness the terror:

We're not even sure if we'd make it through the cinematic experience of the movie, would you be willing to see the flick this December?

If it's in 3D, God help our souls. Fur-get it as soon as your eyes witness Taylor Swift as a cat wearing kitten heels.

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It's gotten rave reviews and looks set to be a triumphant return for the beloved Mary Poppins.

And now a behind the scenes clip shows the lengths Emily Blunt went to to avoid special effects being used in one of the scenes.

The scene is question is the one with the bathtub where Emily drops toys into it while singing Imagine That.

The footage shows Emily as she sits on the edge of the bathtub, in a scene that shows her being sucked down into the tub – which is precisely what happened.

Cafe Fantasia released the clip on Twitter, showing the 35-year-old getting pulled down into the bath tubs filled with bubbles and sliding down a chute backwards to the safety of crew under the set.

How unbelievable is that?

Emily opened up about the scene in a Q&A when she said, ''Everyone involved was very insistent that as much as possible we would build practical sets that we could very much interact with.''

She continued, ''And so what they did with the bath, which the kids thought was the best thing ever, was that they actually carved a hole in the bottom of the bath and had a slide which went under the stage.''

People were in awe of how the scene was shot and took to social media to express this.

One said, ''Oh wow! This film just keeps getting better and better! Practical effects over CGI everyday.''

While another wrote, ''It's amazing just HOW much they did in camera, isn't it.''

It's another reason – as if we needed one anyway – to go and see it.