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When we think of our list of 'must-see before we die' destinations, marvels like The Great Barrier Reef, Machu Picchu and the azure waters of Indonesia's Bali spring to mind. 

However, in a recent survey, it was revealed that Ireland made the top three when it came to ultimate bucket list destinations. 

The study by Provision Living, based in the US, found that the country topping the chart is Australia- which is exactly the kind of stunning, beachy location we envisioned for a bucket list topper. 

Next up is vibrant Italy, whose culture, food and reputation for stunning scenery as well as a wealth of historic sites make it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. 

Third, we have our own, home grown Ireland.

Renowned for it's beautiful rural scenery, history of creatives (we arent known as the isle of saints and scholars for nothing), Celtic history and vibrant traditional music. 

Rounding off the top 10 are:

4. Japan

5. United Kingdom

6. France

7. Greece

8. Bahamas

9. Egypt

10. Germany 

Despite Ireland making it into the top three of most coveted countries, no Irish cities made it into the Top 20 Bucket List cities. 

While 95% of people surveyed had a Bucket List, 57% said that financial issues are preventing them from being able to travel. 

A further 11% cited family commitments, while 2% very honestly put it down to laziness. 



To celebrate the arrival of Ben & Jerry’s Moo-phoria, Ben & Jerry’s will open the lightest scoop shop ever.

On Friday, November 23, Ben & Jerry’s Moo-phoria will launch with a scoop-shop in the sky, with a hot air balloon tethered in Merrion Square. 100 lucky Ben & Jerry’s fans will win the opportunity to enjoy a ride in the balloon while they indulge in a taste of Moo-phoria.

A limited number of free places will be released on Thursday, November 15 at 9am and will be allotted on a first come first served basis. To try a taste and claim your place in the Ben & Jerry’s Moo-phoria scoop-shop in the sky, click here.

Everyone loves the euphoric taste of Ben & Jerry’s – and now you can enjoy that great taste with fewer calories. Ben & Jerry’s Moo-phoria is lower in sugar, fat and calories but still retains all the chunks, swirls and flavour you expect from Ben & Jerry’s.

Alternatively, you can try win your place on the Ben & Jerry’s Hot Air Balloon by visiting them on Facebook  or Twitter.

Ben & Jerry’s Moo-phoria comes in two great flavours: Chocolate Cookie Dough and Caramel Cookie Fix.

Ben & Jerry’s Moo-phoria will be available nationwide with an RRP of €5.99.



If our time in the Girl Guides taught us anything, it’s to be prepared.

And while we have it nailed when it comes to our supply of plasters on a night out and our collection of chocolate during certain times of the month, there are a few areas of our life which could do with a little work.

Take that oh-so-important Bucket List, for example.

While we may throw the word around with wild abandon, and discuss swimming with dolphins and sourcing cocktails that cost less than a fiver, how many of us consider what the term means in actuality?

Loathe and all as most of us are to contemplate it, there will come a time when we do kick the bucket, and dolphin swimming and cocktail swigging aren’t going to do much for the people we leave behind.

But, hold up! If your toes are already curling with the direction this piece is going, you’re not alone.

In fact, research conducted by My Legacy, a group of over 50 Irish charities, established that only 30 per cent of people living in Ireland have made a will, while just half have engaged with any of the practicalities around preparing for their own death.

On the other hand, more than two thirds of those surveyed have prioritised a visit to their dream destination. Standard, right?

How about making your mark by leaving a legacy gift in your will to a charity you care about?

Eager to remind the public of the importance of their legacy, Darren Kennedy, stylist and TV presenter, and George Hamilton, football pundit are supporting the campaign during My Legacy Week.

Both men have made a legacy donation to a cause they care about and explained why the campaign was important to them.

“I had never really thought about making my will and leaving a legacy – it just wasn’t on my radar,” Darren said. “But when I thought of my family, friends and the causes that are important to me I realised it’s an important thing to do. I left my legacy to the Dog’s Trust.”

“The Dog’s Trust is very important to me as I have had dogs all my life and in hard times they have always been a comfort to me. People at my age don’t really think about making a Will but it is so important as it makes things easier for your loved ones when you’re gone.”

“Leaving a legacy was never on my bucket list, I always wanted to go to Fashion Week like 4% of people surveyed, but it’s something I definitely recommend adding to your bucket list.”

OK so, it’s not something anyone of us like to think about, but whatever is on your bucket list, why not be sure to add a donation to your favourite charity?


It is no secret that Dublin has become a real foodie hotspot in the past few years.

To help you eat your way around the city and make sure you don’t miss on the good stuff, we have made our own list of the food you absolutely need to try at least once in Dublin. 

So, without further ado…

A brownie in Industry

We love Industry for the beautiful design and lifestyle offering, but there is another reason we visit the gift shop on a regular basis: their dark chocolate and sea salt brownie.

This small piece of heaven is one of the best brownies we have ever tasted, gooey, rich in flavours and so satisfying. 


It's a brownie sort of a day #homemade #chocolateseasaltbrownies #brownie #chocolatebrownie #midweektreat

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A pizza at the Dublin Pizza Company

You would almost miss it when you walk past it but this tiny shed on Aungier Street serves the most delicious woodfired pizzas, made with organic ingredients.

And if you don’t want to eat it by the counter, you can now order it from the comfort of your couch. 


Easily the best pizza in Ireland

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Chicken wings from the Canal Bank Cafe

The chicken wings from this cafe on Leeson Street are so tasty they may actually change your life.

A warning – be prepared to get your hands dirty, as the sauce will pretty much go everywhere, but it will be more than worth it. Best wings in the city! 


Canal Bank Wing Lunch #instafood #foodie #wings #canalbankcafe #lovindublin #dublin #tasty #hotsauce #frankshotsauce #lunch

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Mushrooms on toasts in Fia

This little cafe in Rathgar never cease to amaze us and the Mushrooms on toast, one of Chef Keith Coleman’s signature dishes, should be in the brunch food Hall of Fame. 

A carrot cake at Queen of Tarts

Whenever we are craving something sweet during a shopping session in town, Queen of Tarts is a place that always comes in mind.

This tearoom is super tiny so you might have to queue to get a table (especially on a rainy Saturday), but their incredibly tasty and moist carrot cake is also available for takeaway.


A burger in Bunsen

When we need a really good burger, Bunsen never fails to deliver.

A big juicy meat patty, a sweet bun, and a well-balanced combination of pickle, onion, lettuce, tomato, ketchup, mustard and mayo are all it takes to make our mouth drool. 


A pint in Grogans

According to some Guinness experts, Grogans serves the best pint in Dublin – as well as a deadly toastie.

We love the atmosphere of this pub right in the city centre, especially when the days get warmer and everyone is drinking outside. #heaven


A tasting menu at Forest Avenue

Why does Forest Avenue not have a Michelin star yet is beyond us, as the food Chef John Wyer creates there is pretty mind-blowing.

It might seem like a lot at first, but the 5 course tasting menu for €55 is actually amazing value for the fantastic experience you get.   

A cannoli in Dolce Sicily Cafe

This small Italian cafe located under The Design House has made a name for itself thanks to the delicious Italian style ristretto coffee it serves as well as the most delicious cannoli you could find outside Italy.

A food tour with Fab Food Trails

You think you know Dublin until you enrol in a tour with Fab Food Trails. During the 3 hour stroll, the guides will surely bring you to places you have heard about (who would say no to a stopover in Sheridan's?) but also some hidden gems you had never heard of.

Between two bites, you will also learn a lot of interesting facts about the culture and history of our beloved city.

A steak in the Butcher Grill

An absolute must for meat lovers. You dine in an intimate and comfortable setting, where the staff are lovely and the food is out of this world.

If you can, order a side of mashed potato – and eat the entire thing (you won't regret it!). 

A lunch at Bastible

We will agree with the British Vogue on this one: Bastible is definitely on the list of the places you need to visit when in Dublin.

This contemporary bistro on South Circular Road serves the most delicious and refined food in a pleasant casual atmosphere. 

A prawn toast with yuzu mayo at Hang Dai

Trust us, these will be €7 very well spent. With their contemporary Chinese menu, this subway-style restaurant on Camden Street reminds us what real Chinese food can be, far, far away from the 3 in 1. 


Meghan Trainor has had some pretty big highs in her career so far, but none of them scream "life goals" as loudly as getting to sing with the Backstreet Boys. 

As part of ABC’s Greatest Hits show on Thursday night, Meghan joined AJ McLean, Howie Dorough, Nick Carter, Kevin Richardson and Brian Littrell on stage to perform every 90's kids' go-to party song I Want It That Way.

And not only did the songstress successfully sing with the lads without keeling over fangirl-style, Meghan even managed to keep up with their dance moves.

In a behind-the-scenes video the All About That Bass singer revealed that, like all of us, the first band she ever loved was the Backstreet Boys.

She said: “The first band that I loved was the Backstreet Boys.”

“My pop star crush was Brian [Littrell].  I was gonna marry him and my mom was gonna marry him.  That was our husband.”

“The day he got married, I remember we were like, ‘Nooo!’”

The 22-year-old star went on to describe performing with the band as a "bucket-list moment".

On the night, the lads also sang Everybody to an enthusiastic crowd.

To say we are jealous of Meghan, the Backstreet Boys and basically every person in that audience is a major understatement.