So, Irish people are missing a trick when it comes to their Bucket Lists

If our time in the Girl Guides taught us anything, it’s to be prepared.

And while we have it nailed when it comes to our supply of plasters on a night out and our collection of chocolate during certain times of the month, there are a few areas of our life which could do with a little work.

Take that oh-so-important Bucket List, for example.

While we may throw the word around with wild abandon, and discuss swimming with dolphins and sourcing cocktails that cost less than a fiver, how many of us consider what the term means in actuality?

Loathe and all as most of us are to contemplate it, there will come a time when we do kick the bucket, and dolphin swimming and cocktail swigging aren’t going to do much for the people we leave behind.

But, hold up! If your toes are already curling with the direction this piece is going, you’re not alone.

In fact, research conducted by My Legacy, a group of over 50 Irish charities, established that only 30 per cent of people living in Ireland have made a will, while just half have engaged with any of the practicalities around preparing for their own death.

On the other hand, more than two thirds of those surveyed have prioritised a visit to their dream destination. Standard, right?

How about making your mark by leaving a legacy gift in your will to a charity you care about?

Eager to remind the public of the importance of their legacy, Darren Kennedy, stylist and TV presenter, and George Hamilton, football pundit are supporting the campaign during My Legacy Week.

Both men have made a legacy donation to a cause they care about and explained why the campaign was important to them.

“I had never really thought about making my will and leaving a legacy – it just wasn’t on my radar,” Darren said. “But when I thought of my family, friends and the causes that are important to me I realised it’s an important thing to do. I left my legacy to the Dog’s Trust.”

“The Dog’s Trust is very important to me as I have had dogs all my life and in hard times they have always been a comfort to me. People at my age don’t really think about making a Will but it is so important as it makes things easier for your loved ones when you’re gone.”

“Leaving a legacy was never on my bucket list, I always wanted to go to Fashion Week like 4% of people surveyed, but it’s something I definitely recommend adding to your bucket list.”

OK so, it’s not something anyone of us like to think about, but whatever is on your bucket list, why not be sure to add a donation to your favourite charity?