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Domhnall Gleeson may be about to hit super stardom with the release of Star Wars, but his recent interview revealed him to still be the awkward Irish chappie we know and love. 

Speaking on the Ryan Tubridy show this morning, Domhnall confirmed that he is still, after all, only human. 

The Irish actor attended the British Film Awards last night where he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his role in indie hit Ex Machina. 

And unfortunately for him, his famous father Brendan Gleeson was also nominated. 

"I was nominated against my father in the Best Supporting Actor category. I lost to him [but] my Dad was not there so I had to walk up to the podium to accept the award."

And if that wasn't bad enough, it looked like he had thought he had actually won. 

"On the way up, they said, 'Here to accept the award is the film’s director Sarah Gavron' [but] I was already up there!"

Uh oh.

"Alicia Vikander, who was presenting the trophy, had her mouth opened in horror because she thought that I had heard the wrong name and was strutting up because I thought I had won."

However, when Domhnall began reading the speech prepared by his father, it became clear what had happened. 

Still, Domhnall described it as one of the more awkward awards show moments that he has experienced. 

And unfortunately for him, the awkward moments just kept coming that night. 

"Later on that night, Tom Hardy won Best Actor and he organised for my name to be called out again to collect the award for him even though I had nothing to do with the film he won for. So I went up on stage twice to accept awards I didn’t win."

Well, Tom Hardy sounds like the absolute craic!



From The Fall to Fifty Shades of Grey, Northern Irish actor Jamie Dornan has been killing it worldwide in the past year.

However, it doesn’t sound as if everyone is a fan of the Hollywood-adopted hottie, with Kim Cattrall failing to see what all of the fuss is about.

She has to be joking, right?!

Speaking about Jamie to The Independent, Kim said:

 “Maybe it’s my age, but he doesn’t look like a man to me. He looks like a young boy. I like men to look like men. I saw the preview [for Fifty Shades] and you know they say in three seconds you can tell if you find someone attractive or not? Well, I just thought, ‘no’.’”

Perhaps Kim just needs another chance to see Jamie with his beard!

The Sex and the City star also revealed her Irish crush, and it may not be who you are expecting…It’s Brendan Gleeson!

Kim gushed about Brendan, saying: “Now, if he [Jamie Dornan] were Brendan Gleeson – well, there’s a little something going on there, you know, the twinkle in the eye.”

Erm…Brendan Gleeson in Fifty Shades? We can’t say we had ever imagined it but each to their own we guess…


Hello folks and welcome back to another wonderful week and with that another edition to The Line-Up. This week Niamh Geaney has taken a look across Ireland and picked 5 of the best events for you guys to check out, from comedy with The Gleesons, tip-tapping music to a rather unusual exhibition- not for the faint hearted!


The entertainment world has not disappointed this week meaning we have a jam-packed show full of juicy goss on this week’s Snapshot! On Wired this week we talked about the let-down that was the Kardashians; wedding finale, me arse! We also covered TOWIE crushes, reality TV melt-down’s and our resident impersonator Conor Behan gave us THE BEST impersonation of a nagging Kourtney Kardashian that you will not want to miss out on!

Our weekly event guide The Line-Up sent you on your way bopping to Waterford’s electronic music festival Saw Fest, helped boost the joke shop’s revenue by letting you in on the Grace Kelly lookalike competition and tested out your biceps by welly throwing. We’re a diverse bunch in here you see!

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On this week’s Spotlight we spoke to Brendan Gleeson on something top secret, so top secret you’ll have to watch it to find out! It may involve cross-dressing…or does it? See for yourself! 

Niamh Geaney reports.


Spotlight’s Niamh Geaney was invited along to the Olympia Theatre for a top secret project! All we knew was that Brendan Gleeson was going to be there and that he was going to announce something that has NEVER been done before! How could we not bite?

Find out what Brendan Gleeson has in store for us all and where you can catch him gigging tomorrow night!

If you have missed any of this week’s shows, then fear not, the catch-up will be on its way to you tomorrow! Enjoy.



Brendan Gleeson has been tipped for an Oscar for his performance in Calvary!

He was included as a ‘dark horse’ on an influential US film website for Best Actor Oscar.

Other ‘dark horses’ include the late Philip Seymour Hoffman (A Most Wanted Man), Alfred Molina (Love is Strange), John Lithgow (Love is Strange), Miles Teller (Whiplash) and Bill Hader (The Skeleton Twins).

Calvary was released to US audiences last weekend and has been quite a hit – here's hoping Gleeson nabs the award!