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Banksy's style of artwork is well-known and often-copied at this stage, but a new piece on Dublin's Moore St has gotten people very excited indeed today.

The artwork, which appeared on wooden hoarding overnight, is a nod to the 1916 Rising and the current dispute over the redevelopment of the Moore St area.

It shows Padraig Pearse "surrendering" two to developers dressed in high-vis jackets, and is signed with a distinctive Banksy signature.

Needless to say, people have been getting very excited over on Twitter:

However, according to Dublin street art king Will St Leger, the new piece is "99.9% likely" to be a fake.

Speaking to RTÉ, Will cited the piece's "amateur style and theme" along with the fact that Banksy no longer signs his work in that way, as two signs it's almost certainly a dupe.

Oh well. Maybe one day…



A brand new Banksy mural has been created outside the French embassy in London. 

The art shows a young girl, resembling the child from the movie Les Misérables, with tears in her eyes as a canister letting out CS gas is surrounding her.

To the left of the piece is a stencilled QR code, which when scanned by a smartphone, shows the message that Bansky is really trying to send.

A seven-minute video pops up as you scan the code, showing tear gas, concussion grenades, and rubber bullets; It's the recent police raid on the 'Jungle' camp in which French authorities used CS gas to clear people in Calais earlier this month.

It's believed that this is the first time Banksy has used an interactive method to get his point across. 

It comes after French authorities made attempts to take down the 'Jungle' camp, where there is an estimated 6000 migrants, mainly from Syria, after it was deemed unsafe.

The mural is facing the French embassy on a large complex in Knightsbridge which is being turned into luxury shops.

One builder at the site told the Mirror: "I've just arrived at work and saw the press here. It is not very often you come to work and see a Banksy."



Over in Weston-super-Mare there have been some strange happeningS afoot.

Locals' curiosity was first piqued when a giant horse made from scaffolding was spotted being moved around the area. Then a creepy looking castle appeared out of nowhere.

Now though, the mystery has been solved, as it turns out the new additions to the town were all part of the construction of Banksy’s latest Disneyland-inspired creation, Dismaland.

The new “bemusement park”, opens to the public on Saturday August 22nd and is full of some of the most bizarre attractions you'll ever see.

Banksy has described the work as “a festival of art, amusements, and entry level anarchism," complete with less-than-enthused security personnel. 

According to Mashable, the street artist was inspired to create something on the site back in January when he peered through a gap in the fence.


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The website, which went live on Thursday morning, describes Dismaland as follows:

"Contains uneven floor surfaces, extensive use of strobe lighting, imagery unsuitable for small children and swearing. The following are strictly prohibited in the Park: spray paint, marker pens, knives and legal representatives of the Walt Disney Corporation."

The construction of the site was kept incredibly secret, with Fox News among those who covered a false story saying that that ‘Atlas Productions’ were filming a movie in the town. The film even had an IMDB page. Quite the decoy!


Would like to go this dismaland rather than Disneyland #dismaland

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However, it was rumoured that Banksy was up something in the area since early this summer when Holly Cushing, his rumoured manager, was reportedly spotted on site.


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Dismaland will be open until 27 September with a number of music and artist performances scheduled on the website for each Friday night while the park is open.

We are very curious.