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The Irish naval vessel, LÉ Eithne, rescued 183 migrants from the Mediterranean sea this morning.

According to BreakingNews.ie, the vessel first spotted 113 people floating on an inflatable boat that was drifting in the water.

They later rescued 70 more people from a boat in distress, which was stuck around 40km off the coast of Libya.

The migrants then received food, water and medical treatment when on board LÉ Eithne.



A brand new Banksy mural has been created outside the French embassy in London. 

The art shows a young girl, resembling the child from the movie Les Misérables, with tears in her eyes as a canister letting out CS gas is surrounding her.

To the left of the piece is a stencilled QR code, which when scanned by a smartphone, shows the message that Bansky is really trying to send.

A seven-minute video pops up as you scan the code, showing tear gas, concussion grenades, and rubber bullets; It's the recent police raid on the 'Jungle' camp in which French authorities used CS gas to clear people in Calais earlier this month.

It's believed that this is the first time Banksy has used an interactive method to get his point across. 

It comes after French authorities made attempts to take down the 'Jungle' camp, where there is an estimated 6000 migrants, mainly from Syria, after it was deemed unsafe.

The mural is facing the French embassy on a large complex in Knightsbridge which is being turned into luxury shops.

One builder at the site told the Mirror: "I've just arrived at work and saw the press here. It is not very often you come to work and see a Banksy."