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If you've spent much of your life desperately trying to make your hair seem thicker, longer or more volumised, then you'll know that this mission is an ongoing one.

Having hair that resembles blonde dust or a barnet that breaks at the hint of heat is not for the faint-hearted.

It takes grit and determination to power through your mane mishaps especially when the rest of your crew are boasting barrel curls and rocking real-life ringlets.

If you have hair which REFUSES to grow or are, shall we say, a little sparse on top then you'll know ALL about the following struggles.

1. The bun bother

What looks like an effortlessly sexy way to keep your hair off your face makes YOU look like Miss. Trunchbull from Matilda.

"It's like a Malteaser on top of a beach ball, girls."

2. The grease glitch

When your hair is particularly fine even at its best, a little grease or light rain can actually make you look like you have a comb-over.

"I swear I could count the strands right now."

3. The straightening situation

You KNOW you're not doing yourself any favours, and yet you still insist on burning that crispy hair of yours to an actual cinder with the straightener.

"I can't help it. It's force of habit!"

4. The kissing conundrum

In the throes of passion, your significant other may have attempted to run his hand through your hair…only to find out you pretty much don't have any.

"Only do that after a salon blowdry! I've told you before!"

5. The parental pity

Like any Irish mammy, yours is just FULL of reassuring words and woe betide anyone who disagrees with her.

"You've fine hair, but LOTS OF IT, dya hear me?"

6. The fringe fuss

When you've got fine hair (but lots of it) you need to keep round-the-clock surveillance on your fringe.

"I swear, if I don't comb it every 20 minutes it starts looking like a barcode."

7. The patience problem

There's a special place in hell for people who tell you that your hair would just grow 'if only you left it alone'.

"You make me sick."

8. The hair hope

Every so often you'll land upon a product that SPEAKS to you, only to have your hopes dashed after the first application.

"Fooled again, girls. Fooled again."

9. The endless envy

Other girls covet each others bums, tums and boobs, and there you are salivating over every wave in that random stranger's hair.

"Honestly, I nearly reached out and touched it."

10. The nonstop negotiations

If you have to have one more argument with your hairdresser about the amount she's allowed to take off, you'll be forced to call the police on her.

"It's like she's robbing me blind every time I see her."




Nothing compares to the ultimate panic of waking up late for work. It’s impossible to find anything to wear, you’re about to miss the bus, and you haven’t even thought about washing your hair.

Here are a few quick fixes for those days where you have no choice but to work that bedhead look…

1. Whip out the dry shampoo
This product is a saviour for second or third day hair. Spray it into the roots of unbrushed hair, let it sit for a few minutes to soak up excess oil, then either gently tousle it with your fingers and brush it out. Ta-da! Instant grease-free locks.

2. Get sleek ends
If your hair is a total mess unless it’s been blowdried carefully, invest in some dry conditioner – the perfect dry shampoo sidekick! This hydrating spray only goes on the bottom section of your hair – it’s too heavy for the roots. Simply spray on in short bursts and style as usual.

3, Go for beach waves
You can’t go wrong with wild, beachy hair. Start with your trusty dry shampoo and then add sea salt spray all over. Scrunch with your fingers to mess things up a bit and you’re good to go!

4. Try a chic ballerina bun or chignon
These styles actually work far better with dirty hair as your strands have more weight and will stay in place more easily. Start by pulling hair back into a tight pony and then pin into a bun or twist into a chignon.

5. Hide it with a hairband
A thick hairband or even a headscarf or turban can hide a multiple of woes – and they’re all stylish options too. Try a headscarf tied at the back of your neck or even tied into a bow on the top of your head for a really cute, low-maintenance look.

6. Throw it into a messy top-knot
Again, this is another look that works better with second-day hair. Gather hair into a ponytail, twist and pin it at the top of your head. Loose and messy strands make this look, so you can really embrace your bad hair day!




We all know just how awful a bad hair day is – it can ruin your mood and all you want to do is go back to bed and cover your head until it’s better.

Follow these top tips and you’ll never have a bad hair day again…

This is the best way to stop your hair becoming frizzing and lifeless, especially if you use a lot of styling products.

Don’t wash your hair too much
Washing too often can rip your hair of its essential oils. So, unless absolutely necessary, only wash your hair every second day.

Wear a hat
Seriously! A hat can protect your hair from the harsh elements so pop one on whenever you go outside.

Give your hair a detox
Drink plenty of water, cut back on caffeine, eat foods rich in iron and zinc and take supplements. Your hair will thank you for it.

If all fails, tie it in a pony tail and pop on a fancy hairband – tomorrow will be a better day.