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Are you having a bit of a bad week? Feeling a bit off and find that things just aren't going your way? 

Well, if you're into horoscopes (or you just want an explanation for the fact you spilled coffee over yourself THREE times this week), then we could have the answer. 

In astrology circles, Mercury is in retrograde – strange answer, we know. 

And what exactly is a retrograde you might ask? Well, it's an astrological 'phenomenon' that happens when the planet's orbit intersects with Earth and is moving backwards in the sky (it doesn't actually move backwards, it's just an optical illusion, science fans). 

This retrograde can happen up to three times a year, and according to astrologists it's a time when basically, everything goes wrong – because when planets aren't aligned, astrology fans believe that everything the planet conducts is out of sync at the time. 

And, because Mercury is the planet associated with travel, communication, information and commerce, during the retrograde, there's confusion, chaos and miscommunication in these areas.

Saying this, less than 30 percent of Irish actually believe in astrology, so many might not be convinced by this argument.  

But if you are, we've got good news; there has already been a retrograde in January and May of this year – and the one going on at the moment is due to end tomorrow, so no harm done! 


Everyone has those days, you're unmotivated, lazy, cranky and the whole world is annoying you. Sometimes you're just having a crap day and that's fine, but there are some things you can do to make it that little bit more bearable. 

It's important to do a few things for yourself so the bad day doesn't turn into a bad week or month. 

Here are some little tips and tricks you can follow to help you through even the worst of days.

1. Pamper yourself

You will be surprised how much of an effect this one will have on your mood. If your in bad form, take some time just for you, have a bath, paint your nails or put on a face mask. Spending time pampering yourself is a great way to relax and unwind. 

2. Spend time in the kitchen

Even if your not the best chef, spending time in the kitchen is a great way to de-stress. Look up a recipe for basic cupcakes or your favourite dish and spending time cooking it can take your mind off other things. 

3. Get ready

Although you may not feel like leaving the house, it is important that you get up, get dressed and get ready. Spend some time on your hair and make-up and this can help decrease any insecurities you might have. 

4. Sweat it out

Having a bad day? Release some feel good hormones with a good gym session or a long walk or run. 

5. Cuddle someone

Cuddling can relieve anxiety so get cosy, it's for the good of your mental health!

6. Make a happy list

Make a list of things to be happy about so you can read them when your having a bad day. 

7. Laugh

Don't under estimate the power of just having a good laugh. Spend some time watching funny videos or looking back on some old funny photos. 

8. Be creative

Invest in an adult colouring book and some markers for those stressful days. Colouring in can completely take your mind off things and really help you when you need to unwind. 

10. Spend time thinking about why you are grateful 

If your down in the dumps, put some serious effort into focusing on what you are grateful for. Spend around ten minutes really focusing on all of the good things in your life you have to be grateful for and make a list to remind yourself. 



When we’re having a bad day, it can be so easy to dive straight into the dark abyss and stay there till the next day.

Nobody likes being in a bad mood so why not try some ways you can perk yourself up and feel better in no time.

1. Bake
The smell of cookies is enough to get anyone happy so get baking for an instant mood lift. If you’re not the measuring type, just buy cookie dough. It totally still counts and we won’t tell a soul.

2. Work out
Exercise is known to lift your mood and make you happier so get those runners on and hit the road. The hardest part is always getting out the door – remember that. If weather is against you, try doing a simple video on YouTube in your bedroom for some you-time.

3. Read
Picking up your favourite book, or a brand new one will transport you to another world and hopefully allow you reflect on what has you in a bad mood.

4. Drink tea
Having a quiet cuppa makes everyone a little happier – right?

5. Use essential oils
Inhaling scents such as grapefruit, lemon, neroli or ylang ylang are known to lift a bad mood and clear the mind. Fill a hot bath and add some drops of essential oil, inhale and relax…

6. Call a friend
If you’re feeling down about yourself, call someone you love and tell them how you feel. A few loving words of advice can have you on the right track in minutes.

7. Paint your nails
Looking down at lovely manicured nails and feeling good doesn’t make us shallow and don’t listen to anyone who says otherwise. If you’re feeling blue, book a trip to the nail salon, pick the brightest, happiest colour you can find and sit back. Sometimes we all need a small pick-me-up after all. 

8. Eat yourself happy
In general, eating makes us pretty happy. But particular foods can be great for lifting your mood so chomp on things such as nuts, fish, chocolate and spinach for an instant mood boost. 



We’ve all been there – you wake up late, can’t find your keys, mess up your make-up and then drop your coffee two minutes after buying it.

It can be easy to succumb to this nightmare day and be in bad form all day.

But instead, turn that frown upside down with these simple tactics!

And when you lock yourself out of your house, you’ll just laugh instead!

1. Take a few moments
Breathe in and out for about five minutes to clear your head.

2. Listen to some soothing music
Music can have a massive impact on your mood so why not listen to something uplifting and inspiring.

3. Talk
Ring your favourite person – best friend, parent or boyfriend, to cheer yourself up. Just don’t bring them down with you!

4. Reflect
Things aren’t so bad. Ok so, dropping your €4.30 cup of coffee really isn’t ideal but let’s focus on the positive eh?

5. Treat yourself
Buy yourself your favourite bar of chocolate or have a sneaky shopping spree. You’ll soon feel better!