Having a bad day? Here’s 8 ways to cheer yourself up

When we’re having a bad day, it can be so easy to dive straight into the dark abyss and stay there till the next day.

Nobody likes being in a bad mood so why not try some ways you can perk yourself up and feel better in no time.

1. Bake
The smell of cookies is enough to get anyone happy so get baking for an instant mood lift. If you’re not the measuring type, just buy cookie dough. It totally still counts and we won’t tell a soul.

2. Work out
Exercise is known to lift your mood and make you happier so get those runners on and hit the road. The hardest part is always getting out the door – remember that. If weather is against you, try doing a simple video on YouTube in your bedroom for some you-time.

3. Read
Picking up your favourite book, or a brand new one will transport you to another world and hopefully allow you reflect on what has you in a bad mood.

4. Drink tea
Having a quiet cuppa makes everyone a little happier – right?

5. Use essential oils
Inhaling scents such as grapefruit, lemon, neroli or ylang ylang are known to lift a bad mood and clear the mind. Fill a hot bath and add some drops of essential oil, inhale and relax…

6. Call a friend
If you’re feeling down about yourself, call someone you love and tell them how you feel. A few loving words of advice can have you on the right track in minutes.

7. Paint your nails
Looking down at lovely manicured nails and feeling good doesn’t make us shallow and don’t listen to anyone who says otherwise. If you’re feeling blue, book a trip to the nail salon, pick the brightest, happiest colour you can find and sit back. Sometimes we all need a small pick-me-up after all. 

8. Eat yourself happy
In general, eating makes us pretty happy. But particular foods can be great for lifting your mood so chomp on things such as nuts, fish, chocolate and spinach for an instant mood boost.