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NASA astronomers have found 219 new planets just beyond our solar system, and ten of them could very well support life.

The researchers found the planet candidates in the final batch of NASA's Kepler Space Telescope observations of 200,000 sample stars in the constellation called Cygnus.

The ten newly discovered Earth-like planets are sufficiently distanced from their stars (like our sun) for water to be able to exist on them, which scientists believe is the key to forming life.

Kepler scientist, Mario Perez said, "An important question for us is, 'Are we alone?' Maybe Kepler today is telling us indirectly that we are not alone."

The Kepler telescope was launched in 2009 in the hopes to find more Earth-like planets, and it looks like it may have succeeded.

Telescope surveys like this one have, to date, found the existence of nearly 3,500 planets.



We've seen tie-die hair and even PSL hair, and now "galaxy hair", is the latest movement among the colour-change addicts out there. And this one's a goodie. 

Inspired by outer space, planets, and all the colours that come along with them; blues, purples, reds and burnt orange – the result of cosmic colouring is ALL over Instagram. 

The trend for bold and bright tones started in America, but high-maintenance hair lovers in the UK and Ireland have been quick to catch on. 

Of course the trend requires A LOT of bleaching the hair first but with wonder hair repair treatments, like Olaplex, popping up in hairdressers everywhere, the world (or should we say solar system) is your oyster to experiment like these IG ladies without any bother. 

Such pretty colours:




Are you having a bit of a bad week? Feeling a bit off and find that things just aren't going your way? 

Well, if you're into horoscopes (or you just want an explanation for the fact you spilled coffee over yourself THREE times this week), then we could have the answer. 

In astrology circles, Mercury is in retrograde – strange answer, we know. 

And what exactly is a retrograde you might ask? Well, it's an astrological 'phenomenon' that happens when the planet's orbit intersects with Earth and is moving backwards in the sky (it doesn't actually move backwards, it's just an optical illusion, science fans). 

This retrograde can happen up to three times a year, and according to astrologists it's a time when basically, everything goes wrong – because when planets aren't aligned, astrology fans believe that everything the planet conducts is out of sync at the time. 

And, because Mercury is the planet associated with travel, communication, information and commerce, during the retrograde, there's confusion, chaos and miscommunication in these areas.

Saying this, less than 30 percent of Irish actually believe in astrology, so many might not be convinced by this argument.  

But if you are, we've got good news; there has already been a retrograde in January and May of this year – and the one going on at the moment is due to end tomorrow, so no harm done!