5 ways to make a really bad day not so bad


We’ve all been there – you wake up late, can’t find your keys, mess up your make-up and then drop your coffee two minutes after buying it.

It can be easy to succumb to this nightmare day and be in bad form all day.

But instead, turn that frown upside down with these simple tactics!

And when you lock yourself out of your house, you’ll just laugh instead!

1. Take a few moments
Breathe in and out for about five minutes to clear your head.

2. Listen to some soothing music
Music can have a massive impact on your mood so why not listen to something uplifting and inspiring.

3. Talk
Ring your favourite person – best friend, parent or boyfriend, to cheer yourself up. Just don’t bring them down with you!

4. Reflect
Things aren’t so bad. Ok so, dropping your €4.30 cup of coffee really isn’t ideal but let’s focus on the positive eh?

5. Treat yourself
Buy yourself your favourite bar of chocolate or have a sneaky shopping spree. You’ll soon feel better!