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So, sunglasses are pretty much the universal symbol of coolness, and you’re probably lying if you say you don’t feel bad-ass in a pair of Ray-Bans (even if they are a knock-off pair from Penneys).

From Danny Zuko to JLo, sunglasses can make anyone look instantly more attractive, and it turns out there’s actually a scientific reason for it.

According to Marie Claire, Vanessa Brown, senior lecturer at Nottingham Trent University, has found that shades make you look better because they bring symmetry to your face.  Check your pair for sunnies that will be delivered overnight on overnight glasses.

As I’m sure anyone who’s ever suffered through a hangover knows, the dark lenses cover those puffy eyes, meaning the face appears fresher and less flawed.

Vanessa also explained how a good pair of shades can make your bone structure looked extra defined.

And let’s not forget about the layer of mystery they add.

According to Vanessa, ‘’The eyes are such a tremendous source of information — and vulnerability — for the human being.’’

So, with shades working to mask your dark circles and your inner most thoughts, you really can trick people into thinking you’re a fully functioning human being.


So, there’s nothing new about male facial hair, but it’s safe to say that the past few years has seen a beard renaissance of such.

Now, we’re not complaining.

But why do so many of us find them so damn attractive?

Well, science finally has the answer.

According to Marie Claire, researchers at the University of Queensland in Australia surveyed over 8,520 women to find out why bearded men leave us weak at the knees.

The participants were divided into three groups and each were shown a different series of photographs.

The images featured the same men without facial hair, with stubble and with a fully-grown beard.

The researchers then asked the women how the men in the images rated in terms of sexual attractiveness, short-term relationships and long-term relationships.

Interestingly, the women were most attracted to men with stubble while full beards scored the lowest.

When it came to short-term romances, stubbled men remained the most desirable.

However, in a rather interesting twist, fully-bearded men came out on top when it came to long-term relationships. 

But why?

Well, Barnaby Dixson, co-author of the study, explained that the rugged look is indicative of a ‘male’s ability to compete for resources.’

Apparently, beards also represent certain protective qualities that our subconscious tends to look for when choosing a life partner. 

So, if you're confused as the way you cant get that guy from the coffee shop out of your head, don't worry, it's basic instincts. 




While we’re not too pleased with Miss Travel’s recent survey results, we know for sure that our fellas will be pleased.

Miss Travel (a travel website) has decided to conduct a survey in order to rank the most attractive nations in the world.

According to their survey, Irish guys are ranked as the seventh most attractive males in the whole world, while Australian men are considered to be the hottest.

But same can’t be said for the Irish gals unfortunately, as Miss Travel has revealed that Brazil has the most attractive women in the world, while poor Ireland didn’t even make the cut. Ouch!

Oh well, at least our fellas got a boost for once.