So, there’s a scientific reason why guys with beards are so attractive

So, there’s nothing new about male facial hair, but it’s safe to say that the past few years has seen a beard renaissance of such.

Now, we’re not complaining.

But why do so many of us find them so damn attractive?

Well, science finally has the answer.

According to Marie Claire, researchers at the University of Queensland in Australia surveyed over 8,520 women to find out why bearded men leave us weak at the knees.

The participants were divided into three groups and each were shown a different series of photographs.

The images featured the same men without facial hair, with stubble and with a fully-grown beard.

The researchers then asked the women how the men in the images rated in terms of sexual attractiveness, short-term relationships and long-term relationships.

Interestingly, the women were most attracted to men with stubble while full beards scored the lowest.

When it came to short-term romances, stubbled men remained the most desirable.

However, in a rather interesting twist, fully-bearded men came out on top when it came to long-term relationships. 

But why?

Well, Barnaby Dixson, co-author of the study, explained that the rugged look is indicative of a ‘male’s ability to compete for resources.’

Apparently, beards also represent certain protective qualities that our subconscious tends to look for when choosing a life partner. 

So, if you're confused as the way you cant get that guy from the coffee shop out of your head, don't worry, it's basic instincts.