To some, Kim Kardashian is nothing more than a poster girl for nude selfies and high-profile marriages, but to millions more she is an astute businesswoman who often lends her voice to discussion surrounding race relations and various other cultural issues.

And as a woman of Armenian descent, Kim took exception to the Wall Street Journal's decision to accept for publication a full-page ad which denied the Armenian genocide of 1915.

In response to the ad which ran in April of this year, Kim, who recently visited her ancestors' homeland, took out a full-page ad in the New York Times deriding the WSJ's decision to run the denial.

While Kim spoke of her disgust in a blog entry at the time of the ad's publication earlier this year, the reality star knew she would reach a different demographic by reiterating her thoughts in the New York Times.

"Money talks, and right now it’s talking crap," she wrote. "My family and I are no strangers to BS in the press. We’ve learned to brush it off."

"Lies make good headlines, good headlines make great covers, great covers sell magazines. But when I heard about this full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal denying the Armenian genocide, I couldn’t just brush it off," she continued.

Addressing the theory that Armenians were to blame for the 1.5 million deaths in 1915, Kim wrote: "For the Wall Street Journal to publish something like this is reckless, upsetting, and dangerous."

"It’s one thing when a crappy tabloid profits from a made-up scandal, but for a trusted publication like the WSJ to profit from genocide –  it’s shameful and unacceptable," she said.


An emotional day at the genocide museum.

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"If this had been an ad denying the Holocaust, or pushing some 9/11 conspiracy theory, would it have made it to print?" she asked. "We have to honor the truth in our history so that we protect their future. We have to do better than this."

Kim has been commended for her contribution to the argument, with many taking to Twitter to share their thoughts.

"KimKardashian please do more like this, your voice is so powerful & strong, so many people begging to be helped and heard." wrote one of the star's followers this week.