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Uh oh, if you're offended easily, then look away now. A group of American's have watched Irish television series Father Ted for the first time and they really just didn't grasp it. Like, at all. 

Fair enough, it is extremely Irish humour, but they had a bit of trouble trying to wrap their head around it. Buzzfeed asked some of their staff to sit and watch the iconic television series for the first time and according to them, Irish people wearing a lot of turtle necks. 

Once the episode started, they got more confused. Asking "Were we supposed to laugh at that?" and saying "I don't think it's funny at all" in an innocent manner without realising that they are basically insulting our entire heritage. 

They were most confused by the mention of a watching a film on the TV show to which they asked "What's filum? What's filum??"

And the attempt at an Irish accent? Please stop. 

The most odd part of the video was probably the pair that said they were attracted to Father Dougal. He wasn't exactly a sex symbol when the series first aired, but now that you mention it… 



Another hit from Buzzfeed. Their staff have bravely opted in to taste test our Irish delicacies. Some of what they are treated to include  Tayto’s, Cadbury’s Turkish Delight and black pudding to which they refer to as ‘blood sausage’. We also have a problem with their choice of Tayto’s. Smoky bacon? Surely we’re more renowned for the cheese and onion!

The video is pretty hilarious and well worth a look. Anyone wanna try an ‘Irish taste tests American food’ version? Now that’d be worth a watch!