Baked apple
Bake half an apple in the oven and top with 1 tbsp. of low-fat yoghurt. This sweet and simple snack is only 45 calories.

Two cups of your own air-popped popcorn will only add up to 46 calories.

Rice Cake
One brown rice cake with 1 tbsp. of sugar free jam will only add up to 44 calories.

Smoked salmon
One slice of smoked salmon on two wheat thins crackers is only 48 calories.

Half a small grapefruit only adds up to 32 calories.

Hot chocolate
This depends on the brand but most packets of sugar-free hot chocolates will usually add up to 47 calories.

Sugar free ice pops
Two sugar free ice pops only add up to 30 calories.

Iced green tea
Refreshing and a great way to help cleanse your system. What makes it even better is it contains no calories at all!

Almond butter
One tsp of almond butter is only 34 calories.

Fat free yoghurt
Sprinkle some sunflower seeds on 113g of fat-free yoghurt. This cool snack is only 49 calories.