It took Larry Mullen's notice on a bulletin board in Mount Temple to put the wheels in motion, and four decades later U2 is still going strong.

And while the music world may be celebrating the remarkable milestone, the four Dubliners look less enthused by their impending 40th anniversary.

Taking to Instagram this week, Larry, Bono, Edge and Adam shared an insight into their attitude to the band's birthday, and it's pretty funny, to be fair.



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Looking miserable and awkward, the guys sat amongst party paraphernalia in footage which has been viewed 79,000 times since its upload yesterday.

Fans of the band took this opportunity to offer their congratulations, with one writing: "Your music has been my life, I was only 15 when I first started listening to the music of U2."

"Listening to your music is like coming home – thank you for 40 years of great music, love and inspiration!" added another.

So, the lads may not be too happy, but the fans definitely are.

*Oh, and bonus points for Adam's jaunty hat.*