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At this stage, we all know that our capital city is a hive of activity when it comes to cafés, eateries and coffee shops, with a new one popping up almost every week.

While we all have our favourites dotted around the city, the good folk behind the European Coffee Symposium have the final word when it comes to the biggest and brightest in Europe.

And it looks like one particular Dublin spot has made an impression on those in the know, earning itself a nomination for Best Independent Coffee Shop in Europe.

Step forward 3fe.

The coffee shop, which is located on Lower Grand Canal Street and Sussex Terrace, is in with a chance of walking away with the prestigious award following the event which takes place in Budapest next week.

Jostling for first place against just two other nominees, the Dublin coffee shop is up against Bocca Coffee Roasters from Amsterdam and Colanna & Smalls from Bath in the UK.

We have our fingers crossed.


We love a great tasting menu just as much as the next person. You get the chance to try something you may not have tried before and discover new favourites. What's not to love, right?

But one coffee shop in Dublin has gone a bit overboard with their new tasting menu… and the Internet has gone into meltdown. 

3FE is fast becoming a coffee lover's favourite among the Dubs and last week it launched a new tasting menu for the adventurous coffee types out there who "want to take the time to have a more taste-orientated experience at 3FE."

But one item on the menu is causing major outrage. Water tasting. 

As you can see from the coffee shop's Instagram snap, it's four shots of water priced at €3.50. Which is a pretty hefty charge for water and customers are less than impressed. 

The Daily Edge contacted 3FE and spoke to Colin Harmon who told them: "What we're trying to achieve is an awareness of water and how it affects the taste of coffee. If you drink a cup of coffee, it's 98.5 percent water."

Colin also says that the quality of your water – whether it's hard or soft for example –  has a "massive effect on how the coffee extracts and how it tastes."

The water tasting menu includes bottled water, soft water, boiled water and 3FE's own water. They then want you to learn about which one makes the best coffee. 

Colin also told the DE that "not a huge amount" of people have tried the water tasting menu yet… go figure. 


Buzzfeed have published a list of ’25 coffee shops around the world you must see before you die’, and 3fe on Grand Canal Street made it to number 15!

In the article they said that “The vibes are so peaceful and calm that you’ll get lost watching the baristas prepare coffee” – we are SOLD!

Owner Colin Harmon is delighted with the publicity: “We’ve managed to make it onto a few international lists over the years, mostly thanks to the various baristas we’ve had compete at the World Barista Championships.

“We have quite a high profile internationally as a result but most of the coffee drinking public in Ireland have never heard of us so lists like this are great for business.”

Harmon appreciated how the article paid tribute to his dedicated staff as well: “It’s so nice that the article made reference to the staff in 3fe because they all put a huge emphasis on service and making sure customers feel welcome at the shop.”

We’ll definitely be heading down soon!