Laid-back ways to see if your crush likes you


The last thing in the world any self-respecting young woman wants to do is come across as, *whispers* desperate.

In order to move things forward, you need to find out if he likes you too and this involves adapting a few juvenile tactics. So, it’s a little Transition Year, but who cares! We have to look after number one. Here are some easy ways to get a little closer to him .

1. At work
If you work with him, tell him you are running to the coffee shop and ask if he would like anything. If he is into you and isn’t too busy he might even offer to come with you – perfect! If not, at least you have the coffee to deliver on the way back.  And if he growls no and waves you out of his office, do you really want to date him anyway?

2. In your building
If you live in the same building as him, call around one Sunday and say you are baking, dropped an egg and could you maybe steal one of his. While he fetches it, have a quick scope around for girly things. If you see none then call around during the week with a replacement egg for him – cute and quirky excuse to see him again.

3. On your commute
This one is a little more tricky because you need to not come across as a stalker. As in, don’t say: “I saw your name on your work badge and you look so different in a tracksuit rather than shirt and tie in your Facebook photos”. Eek. If he is reading ask him if it’s any good and that you were recommended it before.