For a great many people, Donald Trump's true colours were shown long before this weekend, but if current commentary is anything to go by, it's a recently leaked tape which is likely to put the brakes on Trump's attempt to make it all the way to the White House.

Featuring conversation which took place between himself and TV presenter, Billy Bush, more than ten years ago, the tape confirms the argument that the business tycoon is little more than a sexist, misogynistic egomaniac.

From revealing he attempted "to f*ck" a well-known married woman to suggesting his 'star' status allows him to "grab women by the p***y", the leaked tape has intensified debate over Trump's suitability to hold office in the United States.

While Clinton supporters have used the tape to reinforce the argument that Hillary is the better candidate, Trump supporters haven't been shy in defending the billionaire against criticism.

And, unsurprisingly, Twitter is blowing up right now as members of the public argue the toss over the significance of the leaked recording.