She wowed fans last week with an Instagram picture of her enviably flat stomach – and now Rozanna Purcell has revealed to SHEmazing! that boxing sessions are her new-found fitness obsession.

Rozanna at Friday's VIP Style Awards

Roz, who finished in the top ten of the Miss Universe 2010 competition held in Las Vegas and runs the immensely popular, reckons that maintaining a flat stomach is “90 percent diet, and just 10 percent exercise.” Super-fit Ms Purcell is already well-known for competing in gruelling Ironman competitions, but lately she says that she's trying new workouts. “I’ve started boxing about three or four months ago in Beau Jack’s off Camden Street. I had friends tell me ‘oh you think you’re fit – you need to try these boxing classes.’ 

“The first class almost killed me. Afterward I felt like I needed to go lie down for the rest of the day. But now I’ve found my stride and I’m loving it. The classes are packed full of guys too so you really have no choice but to push yourself. “I still cycle or swim three or four times a week, and I run when I’m injury-free, but boxing is starting to take over a bit."

She adds: "My boyfriend Bressie keeps telling me I have to make a decision between boxing and triathlons – both for as long as I’m getting away with doing both, I’ll keep both up.”