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Your weekly dose of movie goodness is here! Niamh Geaney is back with your box office bucket list highlighting the highs and lows of the cinema flicks this week. We’ve got everything from crime thrillers like Gone Girl to the action packed The Equalizer, all rounded up with a few tidbits of movie trivia!

Join us back here tomorrow for Spotlight where we chat to Hollywood stars Luke Evans (Fast and Furious) and Sarah Gadon (Amazing Spiderman 2) at the Irish charity screening of Dracula Untold, as well as its Irish Director Gary Shore on directing this 100 million feature film.


Your box office bucket list here neatly wrapped up in Pic ’n’ Mix. Niamh Geaney takes you through the hits and misses of the cinema world this week, what to buy your tickets in advance for and gives you a classic movie to watch at home that you mightn’t have seen yet! We have everything from action thrillers like The Equalizer to comedy’s such as What We Did On Our Holiday, so check it out!

Join us back here tomorrow for Spotlight, where we’ll be chatting to the stars!



Denzel Washington may be almost sixty years of age, but that isn’t stopping him playing the role of an ass-kicking hero in his latest film The Equalizer.

The story is based on the cult 80s TV show, which was also called The Equalizer, and Denzel plays the part of a retired black ops commando who has to save a young woman (Chloe Grace Moretz – the little girl from Kick-Ass).

The trailer is so good that we can’t wait to see the whole film which will be released September 26th.


Denzel Washington’s new movie The Equalizer looks like real edge-of-your-seat stuff!

Denzel plays a former black ops commando who faked his death for a quiet life in Boston.

The actor comes out of his retirement to rescue a young girl – played by Chloë Grace Moretz – and finds himself face to face with Russian gangsters.

The movie is a remake of a hit ’80s TV show, and has Training Day director Antoine Fuqua at the helm

The movie is due to hit Irish screens this September.