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Natural beauty has never been more prominent, especially with environmental and ethical factors now firmly in the public eye.

Finding the perfect deodorant that doesn't contain chemical or potentially harmful ingredients can be a challenge, but one Irish brand is blazing a trail in the search for healthy beauty habits.

We decided to trial Indeora's beautiful-smelling spray-on magnesium deodorant, for research purposes. We weren't let down, and the product deserves every bit of praise it has steadily earned.

Trying to feel fresh and clean throughout the day can be challenging. With stressful work routines and errands to run, it feels like we're constantly in a rush or on the go.

Squeezing in exercise or trips to the gym is a whole other story when it comes to smelling like roses, even multiple bursts of antiperspirant feels futile at times.

There is definitely a stereotypical opinion that natural deodorants aren't powerful enough to mask sweat for the entire day, but the coconut and vanilla scent of Indeora's product masked anything and everything for me.

Despite the fact that natural deodorants don't aim to stop you sweating, it has discovered an even better solution to keep you feeling like your best self. 

Eimear Tully began Indeora after she began to question the components of everyday antiperspirants and their effect on her well-being.

She consulted with her partner, Dr Pranshul Chauhan, who was aware of the health risks of antiperspirant ingredients such as inorganic aluminium and propellants. Tully knew from then on that it was time to find a natural replacement, and she went on to create a brilliant product.

Many natural deodorants use baking soda as their base, which can irritate sensitive skin. Eimear started cooking up mixtures in her own kitchen which weren't comprised of harmful chemicals or irritants.

Her partner was knowledgeable on the principles of Ayurveda, an ancient medical practice which focusses on using naturally-derived active ingredients to benefit health.

Image: Instagram/@indeora.ie

Using magnesium is pure genius, as the mineral is responsible for countless functions in our bodies and a unique formulation of the mineral can keep you odour-free for up to 24 hours.

Eimear discovered the many benefits of oceanic-sourced magnesium as the perfect base for her deodorant, and we have to agree. Every woman could use one of these little bottles, they even slot perfectly into your purse for a quick refresher on a night out or on the sly at work.

After about one week straight of trialling the natural deodorant, I was totally hooked on the product. As somebody who only uses vegan, cruelty-free products with recyclable packaging, I struck gold with Indeora.

Free from aerosol gases, aluminium, baking soda and silicones, the gorgeous scented deodorant won't stain your clothes or block your pores. If you're asthmatic, it's a smart move to ditch the aerosol cans.

We cannot recommend it enough, ladies, try it for yourselves. 

As if you aren't sold already, Indeora shipping is free for all Republic of Ireland customers. Check out their full list of products on their website.

Feature image: Instagram/@indeora.ie


There seem to be an awful lot of scenarios where you’re expected to look your very best. And sadly, there seem to be very few where you can acceptably rock on up in your trackie bottoms, a hoodie, and dry-shampoo-heavy hair.

A job interview? Yup, that’ll require a pair of heels and a blow-dry. Night out with the girls? Better don your best snazzy dress and matching accessories. 

The super scary (and totally unreasonable) boss – definitely stress-inducer


Lunch with his parents? Slick skinny jeans and your trusty ‘I’m a good influence on your darling son’ blazer it is, so.

Nail biting and frightened; yup that's us before lunch with the in-laws


A wedding invite? Well, that involves kicking-off your Kardashian-inspired transformation 72hours before the Big Day.

OK, we're just about ready for our cousin Derek's wedding now


Heck – even the gym nowadays is awash with fashion-forward workout gear, flicky pony-tails, and colourful water bottles.

This is basically us in the gym


And no matter what you’re wearing or how lovely your luscious locks are, if you’re sporting nasty sweat-patches or feeling less glowing-with-gentle-perspiration and more red-faced and sweltering, you’re never going to be able to put your best foot forward.

Oopsies – even Scar-Jo has suffered an attack of the sweaty armpit.


Which is where – hurrah! – Sure Maximum Protection comes in. Available in six tantalising scents – including Stress Control, Sport Strength, and Clean Scent – it gives serious protection against sweat (eww!) and odour (no thanks) when you need it most.

It’s long-lasting and, versus the best-selling antiperspirant, it offers twice the protection. Heaps of extra moisturisers help prevent skin irritation too, which means (we’re going to be blunt here) no crazy itching.

Here, and because we're so confident we're on the cusp of a serious scorcher, we offer our top tips for achieving summer-ready armpits:

Don’t shave in the shower: You won’t get really close to the hair. Instead, slather moisturiser on after you wash (when your skin is nice and soft), and then get to work with a fresh razor or blades. Finish off with baby oil.

Don’t forget to exfoliate: We’re well-used to making sure our legs are soft and smooth during the summer months, but underarms need TLC too – and that means exfoliating. By removing old, dead skin cells you’re left with softer, more youthful, more attractive skin. Just don’t rub and scrub too hard, and only exfoliate once a week.

Luckily, Ariana Grande loves her armpits


Don’t get caught without your Sure Maximum Protection: Your arm-pits deserve the best – and that means Sure Maximum Protection. It’s specially designed for especially stressful situations, but unlike other products, it isn’t harsh and unforgiving on your skin.



We all know that squats will give us that lovely shapely bum we all want – but are we doing them properly?

Squats will only work if we do them properly and safely.

Here are four common mistakes that occur when squatting:

1. Leaning forward/backwards
Use your core to ensure you stay balanced and are not leaning too far forward or too backwards.

2. Too quick
If you are dropping into your squat too fast, this may be an issue. Take your time and make your movements mindful and steady.

3. Go lower
Don’t be afraid to drop it down low.

4. Knees going inwards
Keep your feet rooted and if your knees have a tendency to fall inwards as your lower, try using a slightly wider stance.