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We think if Santa Claus happened to be female, she would do a stellar job. 

Think of all the multi-tasking a Miss Claus could achieve in one calendar year. 

However, we all know that Santa is depicted in popular culture as a male, which we suppose is not THAT surprising. 

But would it be so shocking if Santa turned out to be female? And would she not be able do just as good of a job as a male Santa? 

This is the question posed to children in a social experiment video created by creative agency, Anomaly

The cute, festive video aims to encourage parents to discuss issues of gender inequality with their children from a young age. 

And from the video, it is clear to see why. 

Children, who are very used to a male version of Santa, pretty much unanimously agree that a female could not hack Santa's job. 

The main issues seem to be that a female Santa would be too busy having babies and getting "lost in the sky."

Though, one child notes that she may be smaller than Santa and therefore might be able to get down the chimney easier. 

The video is pretty cute but does pin point the problems with gender representation in popular culture that children are exposed to from birth. 

FYI kids, a female Santa would be kick ass. And we all know the real Santa would not get very far without Mrs. Claus. 


The Irish couple that got married as part of the iRadio ‘social experiment’ have decided to call it a day on their marriage… just two days into their honeymoon.

As we previously reported, Nigel Finegan and Ann Marie O’Neill were married two weeks ago as part of the radio station’s experiment called ‘Three Strangers.’

But it would appear that the newlyweds didn’t quite hit it off. Ann Marie told the Irish Sun that the couple had a “heart-to-heart” where they admitted that there was “no spark.”

The 28-year-old admitted that she was disappointed the relationship didn’t work out but that she was also expecting it.

“I’m not that naïve. I sensed it anyway but I was willing to give a go and see what happens.”

The pair were flown to Turkey for their honeymoon on Sunday but just two days in they decided to call it quits.

“We all wanted the fairytale,” Nigel admitted. “We do get on really well but there just wasn’t much of a spark.”

With the ‘social experiment’ ending faster than most Hollywood marriages, we can’t imagine that too many people are going to be rushing down the aisle towards a stranger any time soon! 


Sandy is a homeless man who took part in a social experiment to see what would happen if he dressed up as business man when begging for money. 


We know the single life can be tiresome at times, but marrying a complete stranger for TV might be taking it too far.

But that’s what Jamie Otis did after she was struggling to find a boyfriend who would commit.

The show which is called Married at First Sight gets total of six strangers to agree to tie the knot to people they’ve never met before.

But it wasn’t love at first sight for Jamie and her new husband, Doug Hehner as she admitted initially she wasn’t really attracted to the guy.

“I couldn’t help but look at his family, because they were, like, beaming, huge smiles, looking at me, and I just happen to be not attracted to the guy.”

Eek that doesn’t good…but who knows it could work out in the long term.

The show is called an extreme social experiment and from Jamie’s reaction it certainly sounds it.