Two complete strangers just got married live on Irish radio


If you thought a blind date was nerve-wracking, try a blind wedding.

Earlier today, Irish radio station iRadio pulled off one of the most bizarre stunts we've ever heard of when they convinced two complete strangers to get married. To each other. Live on the radio.

The wedding (100% legal and binding, by the way) was part of iRadio's Three Strangers and a Wedding project which has been running for the last few weeks. The project saw listeners select one future bride from a number of applicants, who then went on to choose two mystery suitors for herself.

The aim of the whole thing? To find out if love really is blind, and if two people who have never met "fall in love, and live happily ever after," according to iRadio.

All three participants, the woman and two men, were given fake names to stop them Googling one another or finding out more. Ann Marie, who went under the name "Juno", then went on two dinner dates with each of the men. To make the first dates even more awkward, she was separated from each of the men, "Janus" and "Jupiter", by a wall to prevent her seeing them.

So far, so completely mental.

Today Ann Marie finally chose who she wanted to tie the knot with, marrying the lovely Nigel (a.k.a. Jupiter) live on radio. Don't they scrub up well?

The pair tied the knot in a humanist ceremony, and neither seemed too fazed by what they were signing themselves up for. They'd even prepared vows for the event, with Ann Marie telling her new husband, "I’ll do my best to be your other half / Though I don’t have the patience of a saint. Not with you, at you I’ll sometimes laugh / But I’ll try and learn restraint."

Now that they're married, the new couple are free to begin their lives together as husband and wife. Awkward? No, not at all…