Could a woman do Santa’s job better? Not EVERYONE thinks so…


We think if Santa Claus happened to be female, she would do a stellar job. 

Think of all the multi-tasking a Miss Claus could achieve in one calendar year. 

However, we all know that Santa is depicted in popular culture as a male, which we suppose is not THAT surprising. 

But would it be so shocking if Santa turned out to be female? And would she not be able do just as good of a job as a male Santa? 

This is the question posed to children in a social experiment video created by creative agency, Anomaly

The cute, festive video aims to encourage parents to discuss issues of gender inequality with their children from a young age. 

And from the video, it is clear to see why. 

Children, who are very used to a male version of Santa, pretty much unanimously agree that a female could not hack Santa's job. 

The main issues seem to be that a female Santa would be too busy having babies and getting "lost in the sky."

Though, one child notes that she may be smaller than Santa and therefore might be able to get down the chimney easier. 

The video is pretty cute but does pin point the problems with gender representation in popular culture that children are exposed to from birth. 

FYI kids, a female Santa would be kick ass. And we all know the real Santa would not get very far without Mrs. Claus.