This bride married a complete stranger on TV!

We know the single life can be tiresome at times, but marrying a complete stranger for TV might be taking it too far.

But that’s what Jamie Otis did after she was struggling to find a boyfriend who would commit.

The show which is called Married at First Sight gets total of six strangers to agree to tie the knot to people they’ve never met before.

But it wasn’t love at first sight for Jamie and her new husband, Doug Hehner as she admitted initially she wasn’t really attracted to the guy.

“I couldn’t help but look at his family, because they were, like, beaming, huge smiles, looking at me, and I just happen to be not attracted to the guy.”

Eek that doesn’t good…but who knows it could work out in the long term.

The show is called an extreme social experiment and from Jamie’s reaction it certainly sounds it.