Conor McGregor has had a bit of a rocky history with the press.

However, this time around – Conor's Twitter has blown up for all the right reasons.

The MMA star was a massive legend and helped a sick 5-year-old by donating €10,000.

The Irish boy is Bryan Buckley, known as Bru, received a Sepsis diagnosis last year, and is awaiting life-changing surgery.

Little Bru is unable to eat or walk and has an NG tube up his nose – something no child should experience. 

His mum, Grainne worked tirelessly to raise funds for Bru's medical care, so she can "get private care and the help he deserves."


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As of yesterday, the GoFundMe had managed to raise a little over €3,000.

However, the MMA fighter quickly changed that by donating the €10,000, which had been their original target.

Conor had given the money anonymously, but mum Grainne made sure to publicly thank the star for his generosity.

Taking to Twitter, she wrote: “We are forever grateful. I will never forget what you have done for my boy, you truly are a legend.” 

Incredibly, their GoFundMe has now reached over €14,000, with donations still flooding in. 

We are wishing Bryan the very best of luck with his surgery and we hope he gets better soon.

It seems that despite being a global superstar, Conor hasn't forgotten where he has come from.