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When it comes to spending a bit of time between the sheets with our partner of choice, there are usually a few things we're comfortable with. 

Whether that's indulging in a particular kink, or that fool proof I'm-definitely-going-to-come-from-this position, we know what we like. 

However, a recent study found that people avoid particular positions due to personal insecurities. 

When we're not feeling body confident or have performance anxiety, the position of choice can have a lot to do with it. 

Holding Back In Bed by Zava Med polled over 1,000 sexually active people about what made them uncomfortable during sex, and compiled a list of sex positions we're not into. 

Women were most turned off by 69-ing, while men cited standing up sex as their most avoided position. 

69-ing came a close second for men, with one quarter of men avoiding it.

With more than half of men and women feeling insecure about how their genitals look, it makes sense that this position can evoke anxiety for some. 

A further 20% of men bypass the Doggy style position, and the Kneeling wheelbarrow (we had to Google that one) was 19% of guy's performance Achille's heel. 

The results showed that partner-facing positions were avoided twice as often as positions where partners faced away from each other when one party involved felt insecure.

Women mostly avoided Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl and the Kneeling Wheelbarrow after 69-ing. 

While 69-ing was cited as the most uncomfortable position for insecure partners, the study found that 'sexual acts that focus on oral sex like 69 can actually help improve intimacy and communication between partners.'

The more you know…


If you ever needed a reason to spice up you sex life, this is it.

A study published in the Journal of Impotence Research found that missionary is actually the second most dangerous position for heterosexual couples.

During their research, experts looked at the “relationship between sexual position and severity of penile fracture” in an attempt to identify the positions most likely to cause sexual trauma in men.

90 patients (men aged 18 – 66) who had suffered a penile fracture were asked how the injury came about – and the results were not as risqué as you might expect.

Topping the list was doggy style with 44 per cent, followed by man on top missionary on 25 per cent and woman on top with 10 per cent.

Researchers suggest a reason for this may be the fact that men tend to become “very excited” when they are in a dominant position.

“We can speculate that when the man is in a dominant position and very excited, intercourse can become extremely vigorous, triggering greater impact at the time of trauma when the penis slips out of the vagina and hits against the perineum or pubic symphysis.”

Other offenders on the list include masturbation (17 per cent), 'rolling over' (three per cent) and 'blunt trauma' (two per cent).

This really brings a whole new meaning to the term 'safe sex'.