RTÉ star Jennifer Maguire is known for her ultra-chic style, but she insists she didn't always have quite as firm a grasp on the world of fashion.

Speaking to SHEmazing! today ahead of her return to RTÉ2 as everyone's favourite 1980s mammy on Bridget & Eamon, Jennifer recalled her own memories of that "ridiculous" decade.

"I was all about the shiny tracksuits, and my sisters and I all had awful hair," she admitted.

"I'm amazed we survived the Eighties really. 

"My own style would be more inspired by Alex Chung than Bridget, I love that 'effortless' look… But the Eighties is so in right now."

Of course, now that she's an Irish mammy herself – indeed, she welcomed her first daughter Florence last March – Jennifer's all about the 1980s throwbacks.

"The moment Florence gets sick she'll have flat 7Up and dry toast.

"That's a given, it cures everything, I'm sure it cures cancer, they just haven't spotted it yet."

With little Florence about to turn one, Jennifer says she's definitely open to having more kids – but not just yet.

"I'd love to do a Miriam [O'Callaghan] on it and have a rake of kids," she explains.

"But I live in a shoebox so it's not feasible right now."

For the moment, the mum-of-one is happy to focus on building her career, which got a huge boost last year when RTÉ commissioned Bridget & Eamon – originally a Republic of Telly sketch – for a full series.

"We’re really proud of it," says Jennifer of the new show, written by herself, Jason Butler and co-star Bernard O'Shea. 

"So many people have told us how much they love the characters and how much Bridget reminds them of their mammy or their mad neighbour. I hope people enjoy watching this as much as we enjoyed making it."

Bridget & Eamon starts on RTÉ2 on Monday 1 February at 10pm – check out our interview with Jennifer below: