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Well now, let this be a lesson to anyone who dares to suggest Daniel O’Donnell is anything other than a national treasure.

Daniel’s performance at the Rose of Tralee was exactly what his fans have come to know and love about him. Except perhaps for a few interesting dance moves.

Ocean FM presenter Niall Delaney made the epic mistake of suggesting that during his recent Rose of Tralee performance, Daniel may have been singing out of tune.

Angry fans were quick to call in and debate the topic with the presenter on his North West Today radio show.

There was one particular caller however who put Niall in his place very quickly.

Ita was not impressed by the insinuation that Daniel was to blame for any less-than stellar performances and insisted that Niall apologise.

As a singer herself she wanted to know how Niall could accuse Daniel of an out of tune performance if he had no experience in the field. When she asked Niall how many times he had performed live and Niall said it “doesn’t make a difference”, Ita was very nearly fuming.

A friend of Daniel since he was 11 years of age, apparently, Ita was not going to take this lightly.

"I’m not your average people who ring you up," she informed Niall before shutting down his interruption, “When I’m talking- you listen!” We are listening Ita, trust us. 

And we thought the One Direction fans were passionate…


Following two of the nation's most talked about televised competition, the 2015 Rose of Tralee was finally crowned in The Dome to much applause and sparkle. That crown though… amazing. 

Congratulations are in order for Elysha Brennan from Bettystown in Co. Meath.

The 22-year old managed to scoop the title from the 31 other roses gathered in Tralee to become the first ever Meath rose to have claimed the crown. 

An avid Late Late Show fan, Elysha told the audience on Monday night that her friends know by now not to try and invite her to any social events on a Friday evening because she will be otherwise engaged. Such dedication. 

Not only does she make sure she has her television watching down to a fine art, Elysha has also made plenty of time to get some studying in. She is currently a medical student at the Royal College of Surgeons. While being interviewed by Daithí on Monday, Elysha spoke candidly about her journey to medical school.

When she was just weeks away from sitting her Leaving Cert exams, she was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. She opted to continue with her exams and following that underwent chemotherapy and radiation therapy. 

Thankfully she has been in remission for two years. She said upon winning, "I suppose I’ve experienced the lowest of lows and this is just the highest of highs." She also thanked her fellow roses saying she had never before been surrounded by such "spectacular" women.

Oh yes, and we couldn't forget about that talent. For her party piece the student opted to give us a fabulous rendition of Mary Black's The Bright Blue Rose.

There were hardly any dry eyes left in The Dome, or around the country for that matter. 

Congratulations Elysha!


That time of year has rolled around once more.

The month of August brings with it one of our favourite things about the Irish summer. No, we’re not talking about the long awaited heat wave, because let’s face it that is simply not a guarantee.

Instead there’s one big event that we can always count on to bring our fun-filled summer to a delightful end:

The Rose of Tralee.

The Irish institution never fails to bring about some hilarious entertainment for us all, whether we actually get to partake in the revelry or not. Comedian Ross Browne has managed to sum up the experience of the nation’s favourite pageantry in one hilarious video.

You have to admit, at least one of these scenarios is going to be familiar for any Irish girl abroad or at home. 

Every Irish woman watching Rose of Tralee.

Posted by Ross Browne – official on Thursday, 13 August 2015




Yesterday saw the official launch of the Rose of Tralee with a photo shoot involving all of the contestants and Daithí O' Sé himself. Unfortunately things didn't end to well for poor Daithí.

In an attempt to create an absolutely gas photo of the roses holding Daithí up, they somehow lost their grip and the presenter landed on his backside. 

We feel a bit bad for him, but we can't help absolutely laugh our heads off watching the clip, as did the rest of the country when it was on the nine o' clock news on RTÉ last night. 

But it seems Daithí might not have taken the fall too badly, earlier in the day in an interview with The Sun, he said: "If you do make a boo-boo, who cares? Actually, the people at home kind of like it, anyway! It's a bit of fun."


The newly crowned Rose of Tralee Maria Walsh chatted candidly to Ryan Tubridy about her sexuality last night on the Late Late Show.

After her win last month, Philadelphia Rose Maria Walsh revealed in an interview that she was "gay and proud."

Ryan was quick to ask her if it the subject had been broached by the judges. "'Are you a lesbian?' That wasn't asked, no," said Maria. "If it was ever going towards that I would have openly said it."

Despite being tipped as a favourite to be crowned Rose, Maria said she was shocked when the result was announced. "I wasn't expecting to win," she said.

Executive Chairman of the festival, Anthony O'Gara, also had a few things to say yesterday – he published an open letter on the Rose of Tralee website, criticising the Irish public's view of the festival as merely being a "Lovely Girls" contest.

"We are not interested in stereotyping women. We celebrate exceptional women and accept them as the proud people they are, whatever that might be," said Anthony. "Roses and the rest of us live in the real world where bad things happen and people struggle." 

Well said, Anthony!



The was a lot of coverage of Maria Walsh, the 2014 Rose of Tralee, coming out as gay, and many people wondered why this was news. After all, it IS the 21st century and a person’s sexuality shouldn’t be an issue anymore.

However, Ryan Tubridy explained why it was covered in all the papers:

“It’s a massive deal. Not so much the fact that she’s gay but the fact that she is, I think, the first gay Rose.

“And I would qualify that by saying ‘the first gay Rose to come out’. I think when you look at the number of all the Roses down through all the years, do you think she was the only gay Rose?”

Tubridy then did the maths, and revealed that it’s very unlikely that 100% of the Irish rugby squad are heterosexual:

“I say the same thing about the Irish rugby team. Do you think that all 15 of those boys are heterosexual, you know, full-blooded males? Probably not. Statistically one of them’s probably gay.”

However, Ryan says that whoever he is, he won’t be coming out anytime soon, because while it’s easy for people to say that being gay isn’t an issue anymore, coming out to the public is still a frightening prospect:

“Will he come out? No, no he won’t. Why not? Because that’s why this woman is in the papers today, because she’s come out.

“A lot of people I think are still not willing to come out, particularly at a young age. They’re in the public eye, they are concerned by what people will say still.

“So for all the talk of saying, ‘sure look there’s no news in that, sure it’s easy being gay in the 21st century and 2014′, I don’t know about that.”



Gorgeous Rose of Tralee winner Maria Walsh has opened up about her sexuality in an interview, saying she is ‘gay and proud’.

Maria was born in Boston, Massachusetts, but moved to Shrule in Co Mayo when she was only seven-years-old.

She took home the Newbridge Silver crown as the Philadelphia Rose on Tuesday night, and has been inundated with messages of support ever since.

 “I’m not ashamed of my sexuality by any means,” Maria said. “I’m confident in who I am as a person”.

“To me, being gay is normal. I told my parents and they were supportive as they knew would be”.

The 27-year-old graduated from Griffith College Dublin in 2009 and now lives in Philadelphia where she works as a studio manager for clothing and lifestyle brand, Anthropologie.

Maria said that she is currently single and that the question of her sexuality never cropped up during the festival.

“The Rose of Tralee is about celebrating women’s intelligence, careers, their volunteer work,” she continued. “The question of sexuality never came up. To me, being gay is normal; it’s natural”.

Executive chairman of the festival, Anthony O’Gara, said Maria’s interview may, “create some interest, hopefully all positive”.

We wish Maria every luck and happiness in her role as Rose of Tralee this year!


This is amazing. 

The crowd over at College Times have put together some best bits from our beloved Rose of Tralee and come out with this cracker. 

Who knew Dáithí Ó Sé was so filthy?!

Only kidding, we did, obviously. 

via our content partner CT



Okay, so the Rose of Tralee trended on Twitter for the past two nights so we may as well admit it – we love it.

Whether you love to love it or love to hate it, you’ll love this!

The Philadelphia Rose, Maria Walsh, walked away with the coveted crown last night, and her brother, Kevin’s reaction as he watched from afar has been recorded and shared on the internet (obviously).

Watch as he jumps up, proud of his sister and super adorbs. 



The Rose Of Tralee – RTÉ One, Monday at 8pm
As dated and cringe inducing as this show is, it remains one of the most highly viewed programmes of the year so clearly SOMEONE’S watching it! Dáithí Ó Sé hosts what is now the 56th Rose of Tralee International Festival live from Kerry where we’re sure they’ll all have lovely bottoms. Let's keep our fingers crossed for some more freestyle dancing or another proposal: "Oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no, please no, no, no, no, no, don't, oh no, no, no, no…"

Devious Maids – RTÉ 2, Tuesday at 8.40pm
Poor Carmen is not having a good week. After a vengeful Odessa ruined her blossoming music career by revealing her real age (gasp!), this week sees a visitor from Carmen’s past show up to stir trouble. Will Rosie get cosy with Spence again? Peri is certainly convinced he’s having an affair so this devious maid better watch her back.

The 90s: The Decade That Connected Us – Discovery Channel, Friday at 9pm
TOWIE, MIC and KUWTK have taken over our tellies in recent years, but have you ever seen the very first reality show, MTV’s The Real World? This series takes a nostalgic look back at 90’s pop culture from the dawn of reality TV to the massive success of Friends and The Blair Witch Project to dance crazes like the Macarena. Contributors include 90210’s Shannen Doherty, Courtney Love, Vanilla Ice and even Dawson from The Creek (who still looks the exact same!)

X Factor: Best and Worst Auditions – Boys – TV3, Saturday at 7pm
In the run up to the start of this year’s X Factor (the 11th season!) Caroline Flack has been trawling through the archives over the past ten years to bring us the good, the bad and the downright deranged. Last week was the girls, and we were reminded of some outstanding auditions from Leona Lewis, Alexandra Burke, Hannah Barrett and Cher Lloyd, as well as plenty of deluded wannabe divas who nearly brought the judges to tears they were laughing so much. But none will EVER top poor Emma Chawner who arrived wearing what looked like a bedsheet and sang “like a baby in a wedding dress” before her family stormed the stage and attacked Simon! Here’s hoping the Boys episode will include Rylan, Chico the goat herder and RHYDIAN doing Phantom of the Opera…