It seems that if you're a pilot or a physical therapist, you're in luck for finding love on Tinder.

The dating app carried out a survey and found that these professions are the most popular for men and women and receive the most right swipes.

For men, pilots take the top spot, followed by entrepreneurs, firefighters, doctors and TV/radio presenters.

And for women, the most popular swiped right job is a physical therapist, followed by interior designers, entrepreneurs, PR workers and teachers.

Students are also high on the list, coming in the tenth most swiped right for men and sixth for women.

The survey also found that more and more people are looking for long-term relationships on the app rather than just a casual fling.

"We just conducted a survey of over 300,000 of our users. What we found was over 80% of people on Tinder are there to find a long-term relationship," said chief executive of the app, Sean Rad. 

Time for a career change? We think so.