Beer lovers rejoice, there is no need to feel guilty if you have the occasional pint anymore – there are apparent benefits to sipping on the good stuff every now and then.

New research has shown that drinking the occasional pint can actually protect against Alzheimer’s disease, aid weight loss and reduce heart disease.

Dr Stephen Domenig, medical director of The Original F.X Mayr Health Centre in Austria told the MailOnline that beer contains many “super-nutrients” including “all of the essential – and many of the non-essential – amino acids.”

However, if it’s health benefits you are after when enjoying a quiet pint, you need to stick to the dark stuff like Guinness as they have the most antioxidants compared to lighter beers – not sure if we’ll be able to give up our Coors Light in favour of a pint of Guinness, though.

However, regular drinking can counteract these benefits so remember to drink responsibly.