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Style is literally part of Harry's namesake, so it's no surprise the chap can seemingly pull off ANY item of clothing. Apparently pigs are accepted as his co-models now, alert the farmers.

The former One Direction band member has become immersed in the fashion world since going solo, and has now starred in three luxurious Gucci tailoring campaigns.

The latest campaign somehow proves that Harry Styles can make any prop fashion, even farm animals. A very lucky pig joined Harry on the photo-shoot in order to show off it's posing, we assume.

Styles recently made a splash at the Met Gala as the event co-chair, alongside Serena Williams and Anna Wintour. He showed up decked out in Gucci, with a nipple-freeing sheer black ruffle shirt and patent oxford heels.

Oh, he also accessorised with a pearl earring, because he's literally art. The Sweet Creature singer makes the latest Gucci images look like a modern-day Renaissance painting.

We WISH we were that pig. It's like Noah's Ark, but make it fashion.


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In the previous two campaigns, Harry reinvented the word 'broody'; posing in an English fish and chip shop and Italian garden landscape. In the 2019 campaign, the settings play on the fashion house's eclectic aesthetic.

It's a good thing he's an actor as well as a musician. He looks like he's been left on hold in one of those images, who would put Harry Styles on hold? The neck? Someone call 911.

Gucci’s Pre-Fall 2019 men’s tailoring collection offers a whole new lens on formalwear. Creative director Alessandro Michele’s vision challenges how men wear the conventional suit, adding colour pops and modernity to the clothing.

Image: Vogue/Glen Luchford

Harry seems excellent at cradling small animals. We've never been jealous of a lamb before, but here we are.

This time, it's a pig and some office supplies that join him in front of the camera. His own style evolution is reflected in the imagery, with anticipation for his second solo album building and a new chapter of his life being written.

"It's time to try something new and hopefully shock and inspire in a different way," Lambert said. "I know the fans love his outfits, so hopefully they will love what’s to come."

The word that comes to mind is definitely: Extra. 

Feature image: Harmony Korine/Vogue


Ariana Grande has been through hell this month, after the news of her ex-boyfriend Mc Miller's untimely death broke. 

The singer has been taking abreak from social media since his passing, but just took to her Instagram stories to broadcast a new member of  the Grande family.

It seems that Ariana and her fiance Pete Davidson have adopted a little pig as a pet. 

The little bacon bundle is potentially the cutest thing on the internet right now.

However, Pete and Ariana are believed to be in New York at the moment in their new apartment – and pigs are on a list of exotic banned pet animals in the state.  

With micropigs being a recently popular pet choice, they are not banned, but it is not clear whether Ari and Pete's piggle is a micropig or just a baby piglet. 


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Pigs are also cited by the American Mini Pig Association as being good emotional support animals due to their sensitive and caring nature. 

Perhaps Ariana invested in her new companion as a source of comfort following her recent loss.  



Oh, Ed Sheeran… or should we say Ed Sheer-HAM.

Yep, that's right. There's a giant pig portraying the singer in ceramic form in Suffolk in the UK and it has just sold for a very large sum of moola.

It was originally part of an art project which saw 38 other sculptures portray big stars in pig form. It included Piggy Stardust, which went for €3000 and Elvis Porksley which sold for €3230. 

It all seems a bit cray-cray but the art project was actually for a charity – the St Elizabeth Hospice – which cares for people with progressive illnesses and the pigs that were sold raised at total of €176,200.

However, Ed Sheer-ham went up for auction again this week and it is reported that the ceramic structure sold for €7200.

Not bad for a piece of pork, hey? God knows what they'll do with it though…

Images: Suffolk County Council