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Sometimes when you need it most, a guardian angel steps in to offer a helping hand.

That's what happened to one single mother this week, after she received some distressing news from her electricity supplier.

A fellow passenger on her train, which was departing an army base in Lod, Israel, described the story over Love What Matters Facebook page.

"Today, as part of my regular routine, I get on the train that leaves the Lod station at 4:27 PM on the way back home from the base.

"I sit down by the window, put in my earphones, and I begin unwinding after my day’s work, when suddenly I’m hearing a conversation from a young woman, a soldier like me, who subsists on a soldier’s salary, and an only child of a single mother.

"And she’s begging the electric company not to disconnect her electricity at home until the 28th, when her mother receives her Social Security pension (The mother subsists solely on this pension.).

"And they, as usual, are indifferent, And disconnected the electricity. Meanwhile, she’s crying hysterically.

"And then suddenly, an angel appears out of nowhere, 'Kidnaps' her phone, pays out of his own pocket her sizable debt of $500, and gives her the confirmation number. And, he did it with great love, so this young woman could regain her peace.

"A man of action, humility, and the biggest heart I’ve ever seen. I get off the train filled with hope and faith in people. There are still a few good ones who do for others without the expectation of anything in return."

The poster named the man in question, Ophir Yitchak, and even included a picture.

What a gorgeous story.

Here's hoping that woman can pay it forward and help someone else out down the line.


Whenever your monthly phone bill comes in, it can be a moment of dread for all of us.

These days, most network companies have strict data limits and unlimited plans are almost a thing of the past (sob!). Pair that with numerous phone updates and a low Wi-Fi signal, and it's a recipe for disaster. 

So, to avoid the shock and horror when your next bill arrives, follow these tips to reign in your data consumption:

Low Power Mode

This will save your ass so many times. When you start to lose power (so around 2pm everyday), you can now go into the battery menu and choose Low Power Mode.  

As well as saving your battery, it also switches off some of the biggest data-eaters on your device. 


Turn off cellular data for iCloud

For any iPhone users out there, if you use the iCloud to move files back and forth, it could lead to very high data fees.

It's true that all those little edits are being saved on the cloud and still using data in the process, so think twice before you rely on it for backup. 


Turn off Wi-Fi Assist

Wi-Fi Assist can be just as harmful as it is helpful. If you leave it on by accident, it eats away your data allowance without you even realising it.

The setting is designed to switch your phone over to 4G if you have a low Wi-Fi signal, so yep, it's not an ideal way to spend your pennies. 


Disable automatic downloads

Apps are some of the biggest files on your phone, so if you're an updating addict, it could really be costing you.

Instead, wait until you are connected to Wi-Fi before downloading or updating apps.


Find out what's draining your data

Still no change in your data consumption? Then head straight to your mobile settings and under the heading Mobile Data you'll see a list of apps and the amount of data they use AND the amount of data they've used since you first downloaded them.

Now all that's left to do is delete the biggest offenders. Tough decisions ahead ladies.