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The cost of electricity is about to increase. 

Householders can expect to pay an extra €20.00, starting from October. 

This is because the Public Service Obligation Levy is going up, says The Commission for Energy Regulation.

This is an increase of 30 per cent per year. 

The PSO Levy is a government subsidy that is charged to all electricity customers in Ireland.

The levy is in place to 'subsidise renewable energy generation and peat burning power plants.'

Previously, householders paid €70.50 per year for the levy, which will now increase to €92.00



Sometimes when you need it most, a guardian angel steps in to offer a helping hand.

That's what happened to one single mother this week, after she received some distressing news from her electricity supplier.

A fellow passenger on her train, which was departing an army base in Lod, Israel, described the story over Love What Matters Facebook page.

"Today, as part of my regular routine, I get on the train that leaves the Lod station at 4:27 PM on the way back home from the base.

"I sit down by the window, put in my earphones, and I begin unwinding after my day’s work, when suddenly I’m hearing a conversation from a young woman, a soldier like me, who subsists on a soldier’s salary, and an only child of a single mother.

"And she’s begging the electric company not to disconnect her electricity at home until the 28th, when her mother receives her Social Security pension (The mother subsists solely on this pension.).

"And they, as usual, are indifferent, And disconnected the electricity. Meanwhile, she’s crying hysterically.

"And then suddenly, an angel appears out of nowhere, 'Kidnaps' her phone, pays out of his own pocket her sizable debt of $500, and gives her the confirmation number. And, he did it with great love, so this young woman could regain her peace.

"A man of action, humility, and the biggest heart I’ve ever seen. I get off the train filled with hope and faith in people. There are still a few good ones who do for others without the expectation of anything in return."

The poster named the man in question, Ophir Yitchak, and even included a picture.

What a gorgeous story.

Here's hoping that woman can pay it forward and help someone else out down the line.



The whole country looks set to be in for another night of heavy rain and wind as harsh weather conditions have returned with a bang in the past few days. 

Met Eireann has issued a YELLOW weather warning today and tonight, with heavy downpours covering the country.

And just in case the electricity goes tonight, there are a few things you should remember (or you will be lost without them):

1. Charge your phone

If you have some work to do, or you suffer from FOBO , you might want to charge your phone and laptop now as to not lose battery during the night. 



2. Find candles and a torch

Get organised so you won't be running around like a headless chicken if the lights go out. And make sure to leave them in a safe and accessible area. 


3. Bring your pets inside

With winds set to reach 150km per hour, it's not the time for your beloved pets to sit outside. Bring them inside as soon as you can to ensure they are not frightened of the horrible conditions.


4. Unplug appliances and turn off lights

Unplug your home appliances such as kettles and microwaves, and turn off whatever lights were on so that the circuit will not overloaded when power is turned back on.


5. Keep the fridge door closed

Keep you fridge and freezer door closed as much as possible to retain the cold if the power goes out. Because gone-off food is the last thing you need to worry about!