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Poor Leonardo DiCaprio – he mispronounces one movie title at the Golden Globes and the next thing his mistake is trending on Twitter.

As he was announcing the winner of the Best Actress award (it was Cate Blanchett btw), he mispronounced Philomena as ‘Philomania’.

Not a huge deal, you would think, and it exploded with the likes of Ashley Tisdale and Ellen now tweeting that they have ‘philomania’.

Hopefully he sees the bright side of the situation – if word is spreading, maybe more people will see the movie and see Philomena’s true story. Silver linings and all that.



Awards season is upon us so we decided to take a look at five of the movies you NEED to watch before settling in with a hot water bottle (or any other bottle of your choice) to watch the Oscars this year.

1. Gravity
This movie is entirely set in space –  a “3D science fiction thriller” if you will. This made us sceptical to say the least. “It’s basically Open Water in space” was one of the quotes floating around in relation to the movie, but it’s actually a very impressive film. Sandra Bullock and George Clooney are the story’s two stars and Bullock has impressed critics everywhere with her performance as astronaut Dr Ryan Stone.

2. Philomena
A British comedy-drama set in Britain, Ireland and the US, this movie starring Judi Dench and Steve Coogan has created quite a stir. Based on the true story of Limerick woman Philomena Lee (Judi Dench), the movie follows Lee’s journey to find her son who was taken off her at the convent in Roscrea, Co. Tipperary, where she was kept during her pregnancy 1960’s. A truly inspiring and heart breaking tale with a light comedic touch that is worth seeing;  if even just for the relevance of what so many women in Ireland went through at the time.

3. American Hustle
Jennifer Lawrence. Need we say more? Christian Bale. There we go! A fast paced, interesting and vibrant movie that is far from let down by its impressive cast. A little on the hard side to explain, the movie involves con artists, robbery and politicians. Well worth seeing and it is sure to be a hit at the Oscars this year.

4. 12 Years a Slave
Based on a true story, the movie on everybody’s lips this week is 12 Years a Slave. It has been predicted that this will win massively at the Oscars this year. Starring Chiwetel Ejiofor as Soloman Northup, a free man who is kidnapped and sold into slavery in post-civil war America and whose autobiography was the inspiration for the movie. The movie also stars our very own and very lovely Michael Fassbender, alongside Brad Pitt.

5. The Wolf of Wall Street
Oh Leo. We want you to get the Oscar you deserve so much this year – it’s been a long time coming. The movie, a black comedy directed by Martin Scorsese, revolves around stockbroker Belfort (Leonardo Di Caprio) who works at a firm on Wall Street during the nineties, engaging in fraud and corruption. Set to be huge, it will be released in Ireland on the 17th January.