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According to Global News, facial features are like a rubix cube. You have plenty of possibilities, but at some point, the possibilities are going to run out.

Dopplegangers have been somewhat of a phenomenon over the past few years, and we love when we find a good oul celeb one.

Step forward Chloe Moretz' TWIN. A woman who works in a restaurant in the Philippines has gone viral since someone posted her photo to Twitter.

And we have to say, it is uncanny.

And Chloe herself even thinks they look really similar.

The woman is called Edcell Ched, who is currently studying in the City of Malabon University. Edcell rocks gorge brunette hair, so we suppose Chloe now knows that she can pull off the dark side too! The joys of having a doppleganger, huh?



In news that will really make you think 'WTF', a school in the Philippines has OUTLAWED dating between students.

Golden Heritage Polytechnic College in the Philippines believe that "true love waits" and forbids any intimate relationships to prevent teen pregnancy.

On a big yellow sign outside the school grounds, it says: "A love affair will surely destroy the life of a young lady student therefore this institution prohibit intimate relationship between male and female students."

And what to know what's better (or worse), the same thing is printed on teacher's uniforms

It's unclear if this applies to relationships between students or any relationships for the "young lady students."

But c'mon, they can't be serious. Promote safe sex instead of banning dating.