Five hotels in Paris are pumping up their publicity this summer, by allowing customers to pay what they think their stay was worth.

Aldric Duval, the manager of the four-star Tour d’Auvergne hotel explains the idea behind the scheme:

“What we’re trying to do is see what our guests think of us, and how much they’re prepared to pay.

“They’ll fill out a questionnaire at the end of their stay giving the reasons for the value they’ve placed on our service. Of course, the risk for us is that someone may not be happy, in which case they’ll offer a low price, but we’re confident in the quality of our hotel and our staff.”

The hotels will then review their rates, according to the response from customers.

Apparently sales figures of businesses that introduce these kinds of schemes generally go up, rather than down.

If you want to avail of this scheme you have to book through the website, but hurry, each hotel is only putting two or three rooms aside for the scheme, so we imagine they’re going to fill up pretty quick.

It’s probably best not to feign horror at the ‘state’ of your room, and only pay a couple of euro as the experiment could be extended if it works out and people don’t abuse it. Though it would be tempting!