We know, we know, Haute Couture shows are the pinnacle of the fashion world – but that doesn't mean we'd actually want to wear half the stuff that is shown on the catwalks.

There are usually a few totally out-there looks each season, and this week's Haute Couture shows in Paris have definitely provided us with a few laughs.

Here are some of the more WTF looks from the catwalks over the last few days…

1. This sequin onesie from Dior
Pyjamas? Fancy dress? Night out? We can't imagine any situation in which this outfit would work…

2. This moral message from On Aura Tout Vu
We're all about stopping violence, but we're not sure a bejewelled corset-mask is the way to go about it.

3. This tree/dress from Viktor & Rolf
Looks like a dismantled wicker chair, but they CLAIM it's an outfit.

4. This beekeeper get-up from Jean Paul Gaultier
We'll take two, please.

5. This cape and pantsuit combo from Giambattista Valli
Pastel-loving granny meets Charlie's Angels.

6. This flower arrangement from Chanel
The flowers… they're EVERYWHERE.